Life Comes At You Fast: Child Stars Who Aged The Absolute Worst

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Child Stars Who Aged Horribly

Most child stars are so cute that it’s hard for us to imagine them growing up to look horribly. But it happens. These stars captured our hearts when they were kids but now? Now we just want to say a prayer for them.


Lindsay Lohan – She had a run as a decent-looking person but it all went downhill.

Frankie Muniz-United States-WENN

Frankie Muniz – Malcolm isn’t in the middle anymore…nor does he look normal.

haley-joel-osment-Los Angeles-WENN

Haley Joel Osment – He saw dead people. Now he looks like a stressed out mafia member.

Dustin Diamond-Las Vegas-WENN

Dustin Diamond – He went from Screech to scaring us with his adult flicks.

Michael Fishman-CA-WENN

Michael Fishman – Remember the annoying kid from Roseanne…? He’s, well, interesting to look at.

ron-howard-Los Angeles-WENN

Ron Howard – We all love Ron Howard as a director but he still looks crazy as hell.

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    Danny Bonaduce-Las Vegas-WENN

    Danny Bonaduce – Life comes at you fast.

    miley-cyrus2-United States-WENN

    Miley Cyrus – Yes, her crazy a$$ has aged crazily.

    Macaulay Culkin-United States-WENN

    Macaulay Culkin – Whet.


    Brian Bosnall – The Family Ties child star has seen better days.

    taran-noah-smith-Los Angeles-WENN

    Taran Noah Smith – He’s the youngest brother from Home Improvement…look at him now.

    Danny Bonaduce-Los Angeles-WENN

    Corey Feldman – He doesn’t look right

    lark-voorhies-Los Angeles-WENN

    Lark Voorhies – We all know her from Saved By The Bell…also from looking like the Mad Magazine guy.


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