Ginuwine to LisaRaye: “Turning Me Off Remix”

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Aww damn, y’all. Ginuwine does not like the drama that LisaRaye reportedly started about them mixing it up. He kills the jumpoff rumors and made a song about it:

According to my sources, Ginuwine has decided to set the record straight on a number of things; Golddiggers, Lisa Raye and the young pups (Chris Brown and Omarion) of the R&B realm.

In regards to Lisa Raye, here’s what my source revealed to me, “Rumor has it: Ginuwine found out it was Lisa who was instigating that story about the two of them getting together.  As a matter of fact……they had a recent phone conversation where Lisa Raye called Ginuwine and asked him what he thought about the rumor.  Ginuwine told Lisa that he was not pleased and that it caused a lot of drama for him at home.  Lisa responded; Well that’s what this all about.  So this is his way of him telling her to back up.”

So, Ginuwine made a remix to Keri Hilson’s “Turning Me Off” aimed at… well, you people can figure it out.

Go here to listen

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  • bg(Happy B-day...Gamma Sigma...The Shonuff Gangsta chapter)

    Made a song about it….Wanna hear it

  • ItsMe


  • Blue Topaz

    Sounds like a bad attempt at publicity.

  • Mimi

    Damn it. Oh wellz 3rd.

  • Lady J

    If Lisa Raye has to make up rumors, cause problems in marriages just to stay relevant??….She doesn’t deserve to be in the entertainment industry….go back to the basics…work hard, keep your integrity and network…There are many Black actors that don’t need to make up sh*t just to get media coverage….

  • Nichelle’s Giving Away ITune Cards at

    I guess he has a record coming out need all the help he can get



  • DW Baby


  • bg(Happy B-day...Gamma Sigma...The Shonuff Gangsta chapter)

    I miss “In Living Color” man those were the days

  • Back on My Swag

    G-mix, lmao…that was comedy..

    I am loving “Last Chance” and Ginu-FINE has got his swag back!! muah…Grown Straight Men singing RnB is a beautiful thing!

  • statim08

    Another lame attempt to stir up some buzz for his upcoming album. Flop.

  • Joona

    and she wonder why her marriage didn’t last! thats not cool….

  • breezy00

    desperate cry for attn.
    how boring.

  • Brianne

    This is so ridiculous and non-newsworthy. NEXT.

  • where is hannibals fine azz

    I wonder what her response will be.

  • Tired

    haha, “Now wait a minute I’m a dude”

    Great line

  • smiley

    That is crazy if she is lying to stay relevant…I hope that is not the case!!!!!

  • Me No Likey

    Obvious attempt at publicity on both their parts. I believe they planned this mess togehter from the jump.
    So Sad, all G needs to do is sing and all LisaRaye needs to do is be pretty and keep her mouth shut. LisaRaye is a prime example of having no class and how it will ruin you everytime.

  • Jade Hummingbyrd

    What happened to Ginuwine’s face? *confused* He used to be soo fine back in the day…just look at that post with the pic of him with Aaliyah…and now….I don’t understand…it’s not like he got fat or nothing…and I’m sure I don’t like that beard he’s rocking right now either.

  • Genni

    @Kami…David Allen Grier did the In Living Color skit…

  • zappy

    This is vintage LisaRaye. This woman doesn’t get it. Even after the public humiliation of her “marraige”.

    This ho needs to sit down.

  • me (the original)®

    Another regurgitated remix of the musical trash that is Keri Hilson’s Turning Me On.

    Disappointing, I would have expected more creativity out of Ginuwine but…much like his good looks, his creativity has also faded in the passage of time. He still has a decent voice, though.

  • SuperHuman

    the is nothing more dangerous then a pretty woman
    so fine ugly chics cuz they know you dont really want them

  • ImposterBitches

    i love g’s baby hairs

  • b-dog


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