Did Iggy Azalea Lie About Getting Booty Implants?

Donk Sorcery: Did Iggy Azalea Lie About Getting Booty Implants?

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Iggy’s Possibly Fake Booty Investigated

It’s almost too easy to hate Iggy Azalea (for several valid reasons) but you have to admit she’s an intriguing Rap villain who A) is hilariously delusional and B) refuses to be honest about her drool-worthy donk in today’s Iggy-obsessed society.

Hit the flip for a must-see investigation into Iggy’s obsessed over booty.

“Everything’s my own. Of course it’s my own,” Iggy claimed on Sway Calloway’s show.

“I’ve heard it’s not a real butt. I’ve heard it’s a number of things. I’ve heard sometimes it’s my underpants (that are padded). I’ve heard I had implants, I’ve heard all kinds of crazy stuff. But it’s my flesh, it’s my butt. I also heard recently I got cheek implants. I was like, “Oh man, I got so many implants. Where do I have the time to do this?”

Sooo, Iggy went from this…

…to THIS without ANY cosmetic sorcery?

That’s interesting because this pic with famed plastic surgeon Dr. Ghavami seems to tell a different story.

No surgery but you’re flicking it up with a widely-adored plastic surgeon? Hmmm.

We’re guessing Dr. Ghavami is the man to see when your booty implants are on their worst behavior.

Because, as we all know, Blac Chyna‘s have been crying for help since 2013.

Back to Iggy’s questionable cheeks which started from here…

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Then somehow morphed into this…

Then her booty went through a mid-life crisis…

It’s like she bought hips and thighs from Target (or Dr. Ghavami) because, well, they don’t seem to exist in these pics.

Sometimes her booty is having a great day and others, no so much. So inconsistent.

Real or fake? You be the judge.

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