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Bobby Shmurda Owes For $1 Million For Canceling Shows, Not Paying Management

Bobby Shmurda’s record exec uncle is taking the heat for the rapper’s no-show shenanigans at performances and now he’s demanding Shmurda pay up, Bossip has learned.

Shmurda’s uncle Debo Wilson, the co-CEO of Hard Tymes Records, has served Shmurda with legal papers seeking $1 million through arbitration, because Wilson hasn’t been paid since the summer and has been left liable for Shmurda’s habit of canceling shows, sources told Bossip.

“The reason why Bobby’s uncle is suing is because the promoters are trying to sue him,” Wilson’s former business partner told Bossip exclusively. “He doesn’t have the money. Bobby has the money.”

Shmurda is still under contract with Wilson, and Bobby hasn’t paid him since August, according to the source, who asked that his name not be used. The “Hot Ni**a” rapper was served the legal papers last month at the protective custody unit on Rikers Island, where he’s being held on felony gun possession, conspiracy and drug charges.



Last week, we exclusively reported that Wilson’s brother tried to bury the hatchet and bail Shmurda out of Rikers Island. But Shmurda, who’d accused the uncles of taking $20,000 from him, refused his visit. The uncles said they’d proved Shmurda’s accusation was false, but Shmurda, real name Ackquille Pollard, is still holding a grudge.

Wilson’s brother told Bossip that they’d be willing to drop the arbitration demand if Shmurda stopped dodging them and paid them back. Debo Wilson tried to approach Shmurda at shows and at the BET Awards, but the Shmurda wouldn’t acknowledge him, his former business partner said.

Shmurda’s attorney, Howard Greenberg, said he wasn’t aware of the suit, but added that his primary focus is helping Shmurda beat his felonies. Last week, a Brooklyn judge dismissed a case against Shmurda, charging that he shot into a crowd.

“If you have a guy who is incarcerated, it puts that on the back burner,” Greenberg told Bossip. “You can read my lips about this, about the lack of legitimacy to this claim. It’s a bunch of bulls**t, you can quote me on that.”

Unlike court cases, arbitrations are usually private, and the hearings and decisions are often never made public. A lawyer handling Wilson’s case declined to comment.

The former business partner put Shmurda’s no-shows and other bad behavior down to the 20-year-old’s immaturity and ignorance of how the music industry works.

“Bobby didn’t really understand it,” he said, “and he left Debo and them in the lurch.”

The partner said Debo Wilson tried to keep his nephew out of trouble, urging him to move to Florida and away from New York City, where he said the hip-hop police and hangers on were dragging him down.

“His uncle was trying to move him to Miami and change his life,” he said. “His friends were like, ‘Stay with us.’ His uncle seen it. You hang around with knuckleheads, you know what’s going to happen.”



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