15 On-Screen Couples Who Refused To Kiss

On-Screen Friction: Movie And TV Couples Who Refused To Kiss Each Other On Camera

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Movie And TV Couples Who Refused To Kiss Each Other

You ever see awkward couples on screen and wonder why they don’t seem to get along like they should? Well, sometimes they don’t have any physical chemistry because boundaries are drawn. Take these thespians, for instance. They refused to get intimate on camera for whatever reason. Check them out.

Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen – She refused to kiss him on their Scary Movie filming because he’s…disgusting?

Kirk Cameron – He said he’d only kiss his wife. That includes on-screen relationships.

Denzel Washington – He refused to kiss Julia Roberts in Philadelphia because he wanted to be seen kissing women of color instead.

Martin and Gina – She didn’t want to be anywhere near him in the final season of the show. And they had to be in separate scenes the whole time.

Kevin Hart – He said he wasn’t comfortable playing a gay character and kissing men because he wasn’t confident enough to do it.

Eric Stonestreet – He didn’t kiss his on-screen husband for the first season of ‘Modern Family’ but he finally did it.

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    Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder – They were an off-screen couple on Vampire Diaries but when they had a nasty break-up they refused to be near each other. They were convinced to have one more on-screen kiss but it was awkward.

    Fawad Khan – He’s the Bollywood heartthrob who refused to kiss on screen because he didn’t want his wholesome image to go away.

    Brad Pitt – He said he won’t “make love” on camera out of respect for Angelina. Awwww.

    Candace Cameron Bure – The Full House actress is a Christian who doesn’t want to act out intimate scenes on camera.

    Neal McDonough – He was actually fired from an ABC show for not having a do it scene. Talk about pressure.

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