Mya Finally Explains Why She Performed In A Miami Booty Club And Says She’s Not Broke!

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Mya Explains Why She Performed At Miami Gentleman’s Club

We reported late last year that thirst-trappy songbird, Mya was seen in Miami poppin’, lockin’, and droppin’ on a stripper pole in a performance unlike any other we’ve seen from her. Many questioned the motives of the singer and even claimed that she must be broke to perform in a booty club.

Mya recently sat down with Juicy Magazine and explains her performance and says the checks haven’t stopped coming in!

The way the story was projected on the blogs, as we know, it gets crazy these days. It’s just off the chain, and it’s hilarious to me, but the way they are going to project their headlines to drive traffic to their sites is, ‘Mya’s Broke’, or ‘Mya’s On Drugs’, or ‘Mya’s A Stripper Now’. You didn’t see me touch one pole, you didn’t see me take any clothes off. It’s the same dance break I’ve been doing for three-years to this song called ‘Earthquake’ featuring Trina, who happens to live in Miami, and I’ve performed at strip clubs since I was eighteen-years-old. But we’re in a cell phone camera generation where if something is captured from a certain angle, not the professional camera, not the professional videographer from the front, or anything. It can be edited, it can look crazy, and they’ll use it and spin it because that’s the way things work nowadays in social media, but it’s nothing that I haven’t done before, you know, several times.”

“I had some special requests that night, but I was there promoting a record, a brand new record actually, from one of my EPs, and it is specifically for trap, the cars, the whips, and the strip clubs, and it’s called ‘Money’, and it’s a very boss song, and I perform that first, but they didn’t show that online. So you know, that’s how it goes.”

Mya adds that her mom looks after her bank account and keeps her money good:

“My mother, being an accountant, has been a blessing. I’ve been very fortunate for her to have read all the Donald Passman books early in my career before I signed anything, so I’ve been very aware since I was sixteen-years-old about how things work. But I’ve gotten hands on experience of the processes of making, producing, recording albums, keeping things down to a minimum, negotiating, doing contracts, all of that stuff I’ve acquired, and, not mastered, but I’m doing quite well for myself hands on. Regarding labels and them looking out for your best interest financially, hell no, that’s now how it works. You hire people to do that, financial advisors, accountants, and CPAs, business managers as an artist, and not all of them have your best interest at heart or stay on top of things. But my mom, since 1998, has been my accountant, and I have no debt, I’m fine, and I live simply, below and never above my means because this is a very inconsistent game that I’m in, and I do quite well for myself, but I live a simple life, and I don’t go overboard like a lot of these guys out here because I want to be free, and I don’t want to live a slave to any possessions that get old the next year. So my mom, thankful for her.”

Good for you Mya!!!!

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