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Ciara Responds To Russell Wilson Criticism On “CBS This Morning”

Ciara is speaking candidly and clapping back at Future for slamming their son’s relationship with Russell Wilson.

As previously reported the rapper ranted after “Juicy Man” Future Zahir was spotted cozying up…


and being held by the NFL quarterback at his Seattle Seahawks training camp. 


after already being pushed by him in a stroller.


And now Ciara’s responding to the criticism from Future and his “Future hive” on CBS This Morning

On Future and his male fans not liking baby Future around Russell Wilson:

It’s interesting to hear what guys have to say about it and I feel like in a sense it’s a double standard. At one point of time I took care of his kids while we were together.

Gayle King: He has three other children

Yes he does, he actually has 4, one’s adopted. I was involved [with the kids] very early in the stage of us getting to know each other and that’s been a big part of the conversation, it’s like ‘well what’s the difference here?’ Wouldn’t you want somebody to love on your child or love on the child that you’re speaking about? More than anything it is a child that we’re talking about. That’s one thing people have to think about, remove the adults from the situation. This is my child here.

On how criticism of her bringing baby Future around Russell Wilson makes her feel:

People are gonna talk about me regardless, I was built for this. But when it comes to your child, that’s something I don’t take lightly. At the end of my day my son will be the one affected the most by this. Absolutely not [I wouldn’t put my son in harm’s way]. To speak on such a real sensitive situation when you don’t have all the facts is the frustrating part about it all. My son has to grow up one day and he has to see this.

On Future shutting down her offer to have him talk to Russell Wilson:

To the guys that want to have such an opinion, know your facts. I did reach out to my son’s father to have him and Russell speak but he didn’t want to talk to me, we didn’t get to talk. I don’t know what they [Future supporters] want me to do other than live my life.

SMH at Future “not wanting to talk to her.”

How can you complain about a situation and then NOT want to fix it?!

Hit the flip to see what Ciara had to say about Russell announcing their celibacy and being a Christian…

On how long she’s been dating Russell Wilson:

We’ve been together a good bit, I don’t like to mark the exact date and time. More than half a year now.

On how she reacted to Russell announcing that they were celibate and being a Christian:

I think it was an organic conversation, I don’t think he expected to talk about it either. I guess he was just speaking the reality of what really is going on. […] It’s a great challenge, I can definitely say that but it’s awesome because we really get to challenge ourselves to get to know each other. We are Christians and we love God and believe in God.

Gayle King: Christians have sex.

Yes, but moreso based off of wanting to love each other. We want to grow and build a solid foundation, that’s like a cherry on top.

Watch the interview in full below.

What do YOU think about Ciara’s response to Future and the Future Hive???

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