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Celebs Who Were Lusted After Before Turning 18

There are plenty of creeps out there in the world…and lusting over people who aren’t 18 yet is definitely a thing that happens. It’s not just Tyga, too. The general public tends to fawn over kids who aren’t old enough to buy their first Black n’ Milds. Creepy? Yes. Just look at this list and see.

Kylie Jenner – Tyga clearly couldn’t wait…but the thirst was real enough to make people want to seek her out as soon as she turned 18.

Prince William – There were countdowns all over the web for when he turned 18. That seems like just yesterday…now he has Hulk Hogan’s hairline.

The Olsen Twins – There was a rush for their 18ths too…because…ew.

Taylor Lautner – We saw you weird old White ladies fawning over him.

Chris Brown – Breezy was 16 when his album debuted and old ladies were dying to give him some.

Michael Jackson – Let’s not forget that women were chopping him down when he was a kid at Studio 54.

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Bow Wow – There was a time when people wanted Bow Wow. Yep. And he wasn’t even 18 yet.

Britney Spears – People were all over her schoolgirl image and it was…creepy.

Ariana Grande – She STILL looks like a kid…and the obsession with her gets weird sometimes.


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