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Andrew Caldwell Admits To Lying About Relationship With Kordell Stewart

Andrew Caldwell is officially retracting his statements about a “relationship” he had with Kordell Stewart.

As previously reported the “delivert” COGIC man told a radio station that he was secretly seeing Slash while he was married to Porsha Williams.

“It was only a one time thing. We was at a bar. We was at a restaurant and I was like ‘Omg, that’s Kordell […] Mmm…I like football players.” And the rest is history!”

And while Kordell denied the allegations but stopped short of threatening legal action, a shook Caldwell is confessing the obvious; that he made the entire thing up.

He tells TheShadeRoom:

“I want to personally apologize to Kordell Stewart for mentioning his name and making false accusations. […] I don’t [know Kordell Stewart]. From the bottom of my heart I do apologize and I’m sincerely sorry and I will not be going on any interviews and will not be mentioning your name at all. I ask you to forgive me and I apologize for anything and everything that I’ve done to you.”

But why would he make up such a slanderous story???

Hit the flip for a possible explanation.

According to BallerAlert Caldwell got scammed into think he was going to be on a reality show with NeNe Leakes and Porsha Williams. A shady character then lied and told him that Porsha would pay him $600,000 for the Kordell Stewart lie.

BallerAlert reports:

Baller Alert learns exclusively that Andrew Caldwell was cast to appear in a reality show pilot titled “The Gospel Truth” and had left St. Louis to begin filming in Atlanta. Caldwell blames the producer of the show, Keyun Moon, for manipulating and misleading him into lying on Kordell.

Caldwell alleges that Moon, on several occasions, told him that Porsha Willliams, Nene Leakes and others were set to be part of the show. He also alleges that Moon told him that he worked for Bravo.

According to Caldwell, he was told by Keyun Moon that he needed a juicy storyline and if he said he had sex with Kordell, it would make for great television. In exchange for saying he slept with Kordell, he was told by Moon that Porsha would pay him $600,000. But wait, it gets messier.

A source claims there were several times where Moon appeared to be “shifty” but Caldwell was naive. […]

Leading up to the infamous interview, Moon tells Caldwell that he needs “Drama” for the show and says he needs to be linked to a celebrity.

Sources close to the situation say that Moon came up with Kordell’s name and told Caldwell that if he did NOT say he slept with Kordell, he would tell the world that Caldwell performed oral sex on him.

Caldwell not wanting to be outed by his church (remember, he’s delivert) went on with the “plan.”

Sources say Caldwell was told that if he keeps his mouth shut, Porsha Willliams would pay him $600,000.

This whole thing sounds like some (more) B.S. Andrew just made up.

What do YOU make of this story about the “delivert” star???

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