White House Releases Captivating Photos Of President Obama From 2015

Views From The 1600: President Obama’s Most Fascinating Photos From 2015 [Part 1]

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President Barack Obama 7 Michelle snuggle

White House Releases Most Captivating Photos Of President Barack Obama From 2015

Happy new year, BOSSIP fam!

2015 was an extraordinary year for our President, Barack Obama. He had to deal with a maddening number of public shootings, a failing healthcare system, civil rights issues and all while trying to find ways to keep Americans employed.

The POTUS shared some thoughts with us about his most eventful year via Facebook:

Happy New Year, everybody! There’s a lot I’m grateful for over this past year: Businesses that continued an all-time record streak of job creation; a health care system that covers more than 90 percent of us for the first time; a country where all our marriages are equal under the law for the first time; a world united around a prosperous, low-carbon future for the first time. But mostly, I’m grateful for you, and to be your President – because it’s your hard work, determination, and fundamental decency that led us forward through 2015, and that will keep leading us forward in 2016. Because of you, as long as I’ve had the privilege to serve in this office, I’ve never been more optimistic for a year ahead. So here’s my resolution: to do everything I can, with every day I have left, partnering with as many of you as possible, to keep making the promise of this country a reality for all of us.

White House photographer Pete Souza and his staff have released some very poignant photographs of the President that were taken over the course of last year that show the commander-in-chief in his role as leader, father, friend, gentleman and vulnerable human being.

Flip the page to see more photos of America’s first black president in his penultimate year as the most powerful man in the free world.

Images via Pete Souza/White House

President Barack Obama 1

“Dad, LOL! You got something on your face”

President Barack Obama 2 Shaq

Barry and Shaq.

President Barack Obama 3 Selma holding hands

President Obama holding hands with his first lady, Michelle, during a speech in Selma, Alabama.

President Barack Obama 4 Selma march

The first family is on the front line during a march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama.

President Barack Obama 6 swish

Look at the flick of the wrist!

President Barack Obama 7 Michelle snuggle

Sweet black love.

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President Barack Obama 8 rainbow AF1

Sommmmmmmewherrrrrre over the rainbow…

President Barack Obama 11 please

“Aw c’monnnnnn, don’t be like that!”

President Barack Obama 12 Camden kids

POTUS talks to kids in Camden, New Jersey about relationship building between community and police.

President Barack Obama 13 umbrella manners

President Obama holds an umbrella for his aides.

Just because he’s the chief executive of the United States doesn’t mean he doesn’t have manners.

President Barack Obama 14 cut a rug

Don’t get it twisted, Barack Obama knows how to cut a lil’ rug.

President Barack Obama 15 baby floor

The President has an uncanny ability to relate to people of all ages.

President Barack Obama 16 Biden hug funeral

POTUS gives Vice President Joe Biden an emotional embrace during Beau Biden’s funeral.

President Barack Obama 17 ball game

The President and the presidents.

President Barack Obama 18 twins

Barack Obama holds a White House employees newborn sons.

President Barack Obama 19 Clementa Pinckney eulogy

The President was charged with the emotional duty of delivering Rev. Clementa Pinckney’s eulogy after he was gunned down along with 8 others in a South Carolina church. Rev. Pinckney was also a state senator.

President Barack Obama 20 same sex marriage

The White House was a myriad of colors after the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage would be deemed legal in all 50 states.

President Barack Obama 21 prison

In 2015, President Obama became the first sitting President to ever visit a federal prison.

President Barack Obama 22 Maila art gallery

Fathers, hug your daughters.



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