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Cosmopolitan Credits White Singer With The Popularization Of Hair Parts

The crappy caucasian periodical known as Cosmopolitan has done it again. After numerous violations like deeming the Kardashian klan “the first family” and claiming that black women were a beauty trend that “needed to die”, they are back again with their clueless, click-baity and confounding brand of f**kery.

Today they published an article entitled “Secret Undercut Tattoos Are So Cool Even Your Parents Won’t Hate Them”. What are “undercut tattoos” you ask? Well, according to them, they are the latest trend that has never been done before by anyone in life, ever…

gooood mooorning

A photo posted by MADISON BEER (@madisonbeer) on

When singer Madison Beer posted a “gooood morning” photo to Instagram last week, all anyone could talk about what her hair. It looks like a simple top knot at first, but if you look closely, you can see the back of her head is shaved into a cool pattern.

And she’s not the only one rocking this hair trend. It’s called a Hair Tattoo, reports, and it’s blowing up on Instagram. One girl showed exactly what it looks like both down and pulled up. The “tattoo” is totally hidden and then — surprise!

THAT AIN’T NOTHING BUT HAIR PARTS! We don’t know where Cosmo or Allure got this “hair tattoo” bull$#!t from, but black folks have been rockin’ parts in our hair for over 30 years!

Big Daddy Kane getting a haircut back in the 80's

Big Daddy Kane getting a haircut back in the 80’s

Why is it so hard to reference trends that people of color have made popular as such? White people have mullets and Farrah Fawcett, you don’t see us trying to claim ANY of those.

We’re not asking for royalties, we’re not filing lawsuits, but cotdammit give us credit where it’s due. This lil’ white girl wasn’t even a swimming sperm in her father’s nut sack when black men and women were sitting in barber chairs for hours getting the freshest cuts so that we could dab shine on folks when we step out.

Social media is currently going ape s#!t over Cosmo’s latest faux pas and the trending topic #CosmoHeadlines being used to drag the lazy and shady magazine over hot coals.

Flip the page to see some of the reactions.

Image via Getty/Instagram

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