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Gilbert Arenas Says He’s Paid Laura Govan More Than Courts Ordered And Never Abused Her

Looks like Gloria Govan isn’t the only one who needed to set the record straight. The morning after Gloria Govan denied Laura’s suggestion that she had dealings with the father of her sister’s kids, Gilbert Arenas jumped back on Instagram Thursday to dispute his ex-fianceé and the mother of their four children over comments she made about fearing her life like Nicole Brown Simpson:

I know i joke and rant about my #EX on ig but ig is a place to let of Steam for me becuz #InRealLife im the coolest baby daddy ever…ppl believe im bothering her, wont leave her alone or im just mad about paying child support….To set the record str8….my child support order was #20k a month that was handed down by the judge which totals up to (180k)) as of today…..#TheNextOJ she calls me has actually given her (430k since sept 2015 NONE of her money has to go towards the #children becuz (i) pay for the schools,school clothes and the lunches)as crazy as i am on social media and as much as she trys ro ruin me IVE NEVER f****d with her #inreallife ive given (250k MORE)then ive suppose to…..when the #courts kicked her out the house (i told her to keep EVERYTHING so she wouldnt have to spend money on buying new stuff) I give and give and give to keep the peace,BUT shes just Takes,Blast me and crys victim (current MODE ☺☺)no need for me to be sad becuz i know everything shes saying is all for SHOW

Hmmm do you think Gil makes a good case for being the coolest baby daddy ever?

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