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Messy breakups…

Kenya Moore Speaks On Matt Jordan’s Arrest Record

On last night’s episode of RHOA viewers watched as Kenya Moore’s 29-year-old ex kicked in her garage door window and went off on her for “mistreating” him.

“You treat me like I’m disposable — I keep telling you that,” said Matt Jordan who claimed she was verbally abusive to him.

“I’m not justifying that or my actions with what you’ve done, but you always make it seem like I just act out all of a sudden out of nowhere and you’ve done nothing to it,” he added.

“I’m a young man. I get upset. I might break something. but you’re disrespectful almost constantly with your mouth and that causes things to escalate.”

Now several mugshots for Jordan have surfaced, proving that in between kicking in windows and knocking down hotel room doors, he’s been arrested a whopping FOUR times this year.Matt Jordan Mugshots
According to TMZ Kenya’s ex has been busy—he was first arrested in March for an outstanding warrant, before two more arrests in June. Then in September he was cuffed for shouting homophobic slurs at police.

During that last arrest Matt reportedly acted erratically—he was tazed, ripped out the tazer and fled into the woods.


We obtained police docs in Georgia that show Matt Jordan’s first bust came in March when he was pulled over for swerving, but got arrested on an outstanding warrant.

Next up, 2 arrests in June! The first for speeding and driving on a suspended license — and just 2 days later he was back in cuffs for a failure to appear warrant.
He saved the best, or worst, for last. In September, Jordan was driving past cops and allegedly shouted homophobic slurs at them.

Things escalated and officers ended up firing a Taser into his back, which they say he ripped out and fled into the woods. Cops went to his car, found his ID and arrested him 4 days later for felony obstruction and misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

Jordan’s recently claimed his relationship with the “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star was mostly fake, and producers just portrayed him as the crazy bf.
His rap sheet says otherwise.

Uh….maybe it’s a good thing Kenya’s moved on.

Hit the flip for a word from Kenya on Matt’s lies and violent behavior.


Kenya just went IN on Matt and outed him for vandalizing her home FOUR times when RHOA cameras weren’t rolling.

She’s also noting that she’s bailed him out of jail, paid his rent to avoid him being evicted and he cried in her arms to take him back.

Furthermore, they were NOT in a fake relationship and he’s allegedly on steroids.

“I’m not playing the victim, I’m fighting back,” said Kenya. […] “The only thing Matt is guilty of is acting a fool. Yet to continue to abuse me by claiming to be an actor is a joke.”kenyamooremattjordanig screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-12-46-37-pm

Wait, who’s the $100K poor man’s version of her that allegedly bought him steroids???

New couple Kenya Moore and Matt Jordan out in New York Featuring: Kenya Moore, Matt Jordan Where: Manhattan, New York, United States When: 31 Jan 2016 Credit: TNYF/

More from Kenya on the flip.



Remember when Kenya posted this message after her huge fight with Matt when he kicked the door in?


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