Thou Shalt Clap Back: BGC’s “Corny” Mehgan James Unleashes STD Hell On Keke Palmer Over Twitter

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Mehgan James Spazzes Out On Keke Palmer For Calling Her “Corny”

Twitter is place for sharing information, jokes, opinions and sometimes, sadly, it’s also a place to ruin the lives.

While benignly bingeing on old seasons of Bad Girl’s Club, Keke Palmer stepped on a landmine that she probably never saw coming.

A fan on Twitter asked the pixie-cut cutie who her favorite cast member was and *BOOM!*

Keke must ain’t heard, these BCG chicks like Meghan James LIVE to snap, clap, pop, neck-roll and squawk at their opps on Twitter.

Rather than fire back at Meghan, Keke went the other route. You know, that heisman-that-ho Yoda route…

Oh, but there’s more. MUCH more. Meghan-says-that-Keke-might-have-an-STD type more!


Keep. Flipping.


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Check out more of Keke’s enlightened and tree-huggy response on the next page…

Meghan wasn’t done at the STD, she had more pipin’ hot herbal beverage and shady shots to send Keke’s way…




Keke calls Meghan corny and and Meghan says Keke is letting negroes with blow-torch hot peens smash her to smithereens. Seems a bit heavy handed.

If you wanna see more of Meghan and hear less of her, keep flipping.

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