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Video Surfaces Of Kirk Forst/Jasmine Washington Phone Call

By now you should be well aware of the drama that’s surrounding “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star Kirk Frost and the woman who allegedly gave birth to his baby.

As previously reported Jasmine provided “receipts” on the latest episode of #LHHATL in the form of texts and an alleged video of Kirk holding “their son” Kannon.

Now a woman alleging to be Rasheeda’s niece is airing out Kirk for denying paternity of Jasmine’s baby and they’ve got “proof” in the form of a video. In it, Jasmines’s seen talking to Kirk on the phone about money.

“Are you giving me the $3,000,” asks Jasmine in the video as a baby coos in the background.

Kirk then talks about paying car insurance but assures her that he’ll pay her soon.

“I don’t even have it, that’s why I’m out making moves to gather and give it to you,” said Kirk. “I’m just trying to make sure you get your s*** straight, get your s*** done.”

According to the source, Kirk’s indeed Jasmine’s baby’s father and Rasheeda’s well aware of it. Furthermore, the couple paid one of Jasmine’s exes to claim paternity.


Via The Shade Room:

Kirk and Rasheeda paid Logan (Jasmine’s ex) to say he was the father because he and Jasmine did have a relationship but that ended back in 2014! I know that y’all like believe Rasheeda doesn’t know anything about this story but she does I told her everything!!

They just wanna protect their image! Normally I wouldn’t out family but since I’m in the middle Kirk is dead wrong and needs to admit to his responsibilities!
I even got pictures of Jasmine at Pressed which Kirk took her to and even had his daughter help her.

M E S S Y!

Jasmine Washington Kirk Frost

No so fast, though! We’re hearing another story altogether.

Hit the flip.

A source tells BOSSIP that Kirk is NOT the baby’s father and Jasmine’s been scamming Kirk and Rasheeda for money. Instead, the baby really is the son of Jasmine’s ex Logan and was even named after Logan’s late father.

“Jasmine had a boyfriend named Logan of 11 years whose father passed away and his name was Canon. Rod Bullock did not know that Jasmine was seeing this an and him at the same time. Jasmine actually told Logan’s mom that she was pregnant and she named her son Canon after Logan’s deceased father. She also admitted that Canon is NOT Kirk’s baby.”

Our source also claims that Logan will blindside Jasmine on an upcoming episode of LHHATL:

“When Logan shows up to film a scene about the entire situation, Jasmine is blindsided and runs out the room because she realizes he is about to blow up everything. Jasmine had no idea the producers dug hup her ex-boyfriend.”

Our source also alleges that Mimi Faust’s alleged scammer ex Rod put Jasmine up to the scam and she “works” for him.

Jasmine Washington Kirk Frost

At this point, it’s time to just drop the paternity test.

What do YOU think about Kirk and Rasheeda’s Jasmine Washington drama???

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