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Allegations Against Nia Long’s Disrespectful Behavior On ‘Empire’ Set Persist

Yesterday we reported on a feud that we didn’t want to believe, but it looks like it just might be legit.

Empire production staff is doubling down and telling TMZ more details about Nia’s alleged bad behavior. Nia’s attitude rubbed Taraji P. Henson the wrong way and lead to the women having to shoot separate scenes after things got contentious.

There are a couple incidents in particular that were so ugly that the staff filed an official complaint against Nia, the only one the show’s entire history:

-Of all the guest stars to appear on the show, Nia is alleged to be the only one who would chew the hair and makeup people out after deciding that she hated her look at the last minute, “from rappers to Demi Moore, and no complaints were lodged against anyone but Nia.”

-Another incident, one that appears to be EXTREMELY petty, Nia threatened to sue the show because they did not give her a big grateful “goodbye” after shooting her last scene. Traditionally, when a guest shoots their final scene the Assistant Director makes an announcement and everyone applauds etc. Well, after Long’s final scene, Terrence Howard was having an allergic reaction and the A.D. was frantically searching for Benadryl. Nia didn’t get her big “goodbye” and stormed off with lawsuit threats because the send-off is supposedly a contractual obligation. If true, PETTY.

One unnamed actor on the show allegedly said that Nia was so ugly that they’d never work with her again.

Nia’s reps are in full damage control mode and responded to all these allegations.

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