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We broke it here first…

Aja Metoyer Speaks On “Basketball Wives” And Her Sister Cristen

“Basketball Wives” is giving the world a long-awaited introduction to Aja Metoyer and she’s got a LOT to say. On last night’s episode, fans saw the extremely strained relationship between Aja and her sister Cristen Metoyer reach a fever pitch.

Cristen who was previously ambushed with a makeover by stylist/Aja’s friend Saniy’yah, was seen telling Evelyn and Tami that like them, she’s suffered a miscarriage.

According to Aja however, her sister flat out lied and actually had an ABORTION. Furthermore, she should stop complaining about her weight and stop looking for sympathy.

“If you’re crying about your weight, stop eating Cheetos!” said Aja on the show. “My mom and Cristen’s mom legit hate each other. You think we’re gonna like each other?!”

“That’s what we call it, losing babies? Aborting a baby,” added Aja.” I’ve lost a child, I’ve had a real miscarriage in my life, nothing about that is to joke about. Cristen uses tears for sympathy. Stop it, stop trying to make these ladies your friend.”

S H E E S H.
Cristen later clapped back and denied her sister’s shocking claim.

“I went to the doctor and it didn’t have a heartbeat,” said Cristen. “Who’s gonna lie about some s*** like that? That’s f*** up. For her to sit up there and lie about me having an abortion, that’s an all-time low for her.”

BOSSIP recently had a chance to chat with Aja and she exclusively told us why she put her sister on blast.

The entrepreneur who’s working on an activewear line and despises the term “break baby mama”, told us that she’s responsible for getting her sister Cristen and her other sister Melissa on the show.

She also added that her beef with Cristen stems back to her pregnancy with her son Xavier

“When the show started casting we were having a real big issue. Cristen had been extremely disloyal to me, extremely disloyal with everything I was going through with being pregnant with my son. She did Basically Melissa and her, they had a situation come up and Cristen started to mirror the same thing that she did to me. When the show began it was extremely tense. […] Melissa and Cristen went at each other’s throats, it got really bad, I had to jump in and protect Melissa. There are so many things that are not shown. “

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Happy birthday Melissa 😘

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and she feels like Cristen’s played a part in making her out to be the “villain.”

“I heard she was trying to tell producers that I was trying to come up with a spinoff, I think that has a lot to do with me being introduced as Cristen’s sister. Melissa hasn’t been introduced at all and I find that very strange. I feel like I’m the person people love to hate and they just ran with that. I feel like she’s had a part in putting me in the villain role.”

And as for that “abortion vs miscarriage” shocker, Aja says she feels like a “horrible person” for making the statement.

“This is the number one thing, there’s gonna be a couple of things that I regret on the show. Cristen was trying to use the miscarriage for false sympathy because she wanted to relate with Evelyn. She was in the midst of trying to turn people against each other because she was afraid for her spot because they put San’niyah on—because San’niyah’s gonna be the bomb. That’s just the type of person she is, she’s a big personality. […] She [Cristen] tried to say I was picking on her for being overweight and that’s when I was like, ‘She ain’t have no miscarriage!’ I feel like a horrible person but it just happened. It was just like a blooper.”

Stay tuned to BOSSIP for more from Aja Metoyer…


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