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“I love you, I love Reginae…”—Tamar

Tamar Braxton Speaks On Her Toya Wright Diss

After settling her beef with her bestie and seemingly reigniting a beef with someone else, Tamar Braxton is explaining her actions.

As previously reported Tamar publicly apologized to Tiny Harris and sneakily shaded her ex-friend “paperback” Toya Wright in the process in a lengthy Instagram post.

Following that Toya slammed Tamar as an “over the top, under the table, fake b***”, and even Reginae Carter jumped in the mix.

Now, however, Tamar says she’s past that and she’s wishing the mother-daughter duo all the best.

Tay Tay was recently a guest on V-103’s Big Tigger show and she spoke candidly on what really went down. According to the songstress, her initial post trying to make amends with Tiny was inspired by THAT T.I. god-mother rant to the ex-friends…

“I just thought it was the sweetest gesture,” said Tamar. “That’s why I decided to get online and issue a public apology to my dearest friend Tiny because I felt they were extending an olive branch.”

and she really just wanted to make it clear that despite what Toya said in her paperback book, her falling out with Tiny wasn’t over “The Real.”

“I wasn’t trying to hurt anybody but I just wanted to state the facts,” she continued. “It’s been a lot of speculation that because Tiny and I had a friendship falling out, it wasn’t about what people had been saying. It wasn’t about that show and it wasn’t about what Toya was saying,” said Tamar.

“She did go on a media tour and wrote a book about how she felt I was a horrible friend. It was hurtful to me because that was the first time I seen it, which was on a radio station. I didn’t know we wasn’t friends.”

Tamar also added that she did NOT have Toya blocked from being booked on “The Real”…

“I never want anyone to think I’m trying to hold them back, I’m not that kind of girl,” said Tamar. “When I was on that show, she never even reached out to me and told me she wanted to be on the show. I’m not the talent booker, I’m the talent. I have absolutely no power in who comes to the show.”

and revealed that Toya ultimately was upset that she didn’t post her book “In My Own WORDS…MY Real Reality” online.

“Come to find out, she got upset about me not posting her last book on Instagram,” Tamar told Tigger. “I don’t have to tell you Tigger that when you work for certain companies, they don’t want you to tweet or talk about certain things. You have to kind of run things by them and they didn’t really dig it. I told her what they said, and I guess she didn’t believe me.”

Do YOU think Toya and Tamar can ever repair their friendship???

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On her feelings on Toya and Reginae:

“Toya if you’re listening, I have absolutely positively no reason to stop you from getting your shine on. I want you to win. I love you, I love Reginae. I love the whole clique. I want everybody to win.”

On Toya’s allegations that she’s a diva:

“That’s hurtful,” said Tamar. “Have you ever seen me with an entourage? That’s not what I do. Imma act like a diva? To get what? I feel like I make a conscious choice every day to be a good person. I don’t know where she got that from.”

On attending the funerals for Toya’s two brothers and paying for other friends to attend:

“It was hurtful to know that it was a nice gesture that I went to her brothers’ funeral and I basically economically made sure that all her friends were there. It’s hurtful to feel that your friends feel a certain type of way about you behind your back.”

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