The Night King Is Who Now? This Game Of Thrones Theory Is Blowing The Lid Off Of Twitter

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Is Bran The Night King?

Game of Thrones is a show that’s full of insane theories. Some of them prove to be true, including Jon Snow’s parents. Others are more iffy, like the theories about Tyrion’s heritage. This latest theory may be the craziest and somewhat plausible one out there.

The theory here is that Bran is actually the Night King. Yup. Peep this clip:

So they’re clearly wearing the same-ish outfit. And the Night King sort of looks like Bran in the face. The theory basically states that Bran warg’d into the original man who was turned into the Night King (in a flashback episode last season) and he was partially trapped inside, thus making him the Night King. So part of Bran’s consciousness is in the present as Bran and the other part is the Night King. Is your mind blown yet?

Take a look at the reactions and people freaking out over the theory that is sweeping Twitter.

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