Keyshia Ka'Oir Admits To Having Kids

Rumor Control: Keyshia Ka’Oir Admits That She Has Kids But Says They’re Safe & Sound HERE

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Keyshia Ka’Oir Shuts Down Abandoned Kids Rumors

Keyshia Ka’Oir is finally clearing up those messy rumors that she abandoned her three children in Jamaica. As previously reported the Ka’Oir Cosmetics head/wife to Gucci Mane tweeteed that the abandonment rumors are false after that lavish wedding that people swore her kids were snubbed from.

Now she’s further expounding on that statment with Charlamagne, Angela Yee & DJ Envy of “The Breakfast Club.” Keyshia was a guest today and she candidly spoke on the nasty rumor that’s been following her on social media about her shadily leaving her secret seeds behind to chase Gucci.

“I came to Miami when I was 10,” said Keyshia. [It’s] absolutely false [that I abandoned kids in Jamaica].”

She also added that while she and Gucci BOTH have children (did you know that?), she’s not putting them in the limelight.

“Gucci and I both have children, we do,” said Keyshia. “It’s a situation where I’m proud to be a mother but at the same time I need it to be private. I don’t want kids in the limelight, I don’t want them on social media. I want them to go to school and just be children,” she added.

Oh and YES, the kids were at the wedding and they’re safe and sound at home with her and Guwop.

“It’s a never a situation where they’re left with my mom,” said Keyshia. “They all live with us. We have a blended family and we have fun, they spoiled and they happy. They were ALL at the wedding.”


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Keyshia had a lot more to say; she admitted that that “sister” who claims she wasn’t invited is a scorned ex-friend and she’s heard rumblings that certain blogs were paid to spread defamatory rumors about her.

“We’ve been told that the day we got married, blogs were being paid to discredit our wedding,” said Keyshia. “To discredit me and discredit our marriage. It spiraled while we were getting married on TV. People are evil Angela.”

Can you believe that?

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On people photoshopping pictures of her kids at the wedding:

“God damn, we were just your relationship goals yesterday,” said Keyshia. “Now you’re coming for me with these abandoned kids in Jamaica [rumors] and they photoshopped Gucci with four kids in the middle. Absolutely false [that the kids didn’t come]. The people them wicked!

On Gucci not inviting his brother and mother to the wedding.”

“His oldest brother was the best man at the wedding,” said Keyshia.”His mom and his brother was not there but you gotta ask Gucci about that one. I feel like you’ll have family and you’re closer to the friend. It doesn’t mean anything,” she added. “We wanted everyone at the wedding to be positive.”

On Khia:

“I didn’t know Khia, I didn’t know anything until that day,” said Keyshia. “I heard that she didn’t like Trina, so maybe that’s why [she dissed me]. What did I do to you ma’am for you to come at me like this?! […] She said I put voodoo on that man.”

On her family’s feelings:

“My family in Jamaica is so upset because I take care of all of them,” said Keyshia. “I feed them, I build them houses, I buy them cars, I take care of my little cousins. They’re so angry.”

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On leaving Gucci after his 2013 Twitter rant:

“I was shocked, I saw him going through his rant but I didn’t expect him to come for me because I was the angel, the baby,” said Keyshia. ” When he did that? I was like, ‘What is wrong with you?’ He started screaming on the phone and hung up the phone. Immediately after that he said ‘I’m sorry, I love you.’ Two days after that he went to prison. He was just going through so much.”

On Gucci’s past drug use:

“I never saw him take the lean, he would hide it from me,” said Keyshia. “Never seen him drink the lean, he respected me so much that he hid all that from me.”

On Gucci’s prison sentence:

“He’s been locked up several times and it didn’t rehab him before [but] this was serious Angela,” said Keyshia. “This was a maximum security prison. Now you have to choose. We prayed so much and asked God to help us.”

On if she’d leave Gucci for cheating:

“I’m not gonna allow anyone to disrespect me [just] because he’s Gucci,” said Keyshia. “I have morals.”

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