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Derek Fisher’s Ex Blasts Him For Exploiting Their Daughter’s Cancer

Candace Fisher is big mad over her daughter’s recent appearance on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ alongside her father Derek Fisher…and says it was all a ploy for upvotes and sympathy.

If you’ll recall, Derek highlighted his daughter’s battle with cancer before one of his big dances early last month. But Candace says he did it all for popularity, not for Tatum. She’s claiming that his gig on dancing with the stars is just an avenue for him to exploit their daughter’s illness, and wants him barred from posting ANYTHING about the kids on social media.

Candace, whose alimony and child support was recently cut from $125k a month to $0.00, says that Derek explicitly asked her for her permission to let Tatum participate in a feature about her battle with cancer on DWTS. She claims she said no, but the piece ran anyway, even showing her child sitting in the crowd in tears.

The Blast got their hands on a pretty nasty text exchange between the former couple.

Candace: “I think it’s shameful and quite obvious that there is no level too low for you to go to play yourself and I don’t want the kids to have any part of it.”

Derek: “So let me get this straight, YOU walking around with my last name, collecting checks from me, living off my hard work and career earnings, have the nerve to even utter the word exploiting?”

It gets way messier than that, and you can see the full message thread HERE.

SMH. Can’t they just be glad that their daughter is healthy now and not put her in the middle of their mess?



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