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DJ Envy And Gia Casey Speak On Desus & Mero

DJ Envy is once again addressing his beef with brolic branded Desus & Mero after that “Breakfast Club” faceoff over his wife. The radio host released a new episode of his “Casey Crew” podcast with his wife Gia where they spoke candidly on that standoff (and walk off) he had with the Viceland hosts.

Envy’s still adamant that Desus and Mero “disrespected” Gia and “insinuated” that she’s a gold digger. He also revealed that he told his son Logan about what went down on-air and used it as a teachable moment.

Envy revealed that he told their son Logan about what went down between him and the hosts to set an example.

“With the Desus and Mero situation, I showed Logan exactly what I did. As a man and as a father my only job is to protect and provide for this family, I told him when you get married and you have children, no matter what anybody says you do what you feel from the heart. You [Gia] instilled that in me the way you are in this world about people—-People have lost their honor. They’ve lost their way about themselves. People would rather trade being right for a check. Like being a standup person for getting a check.

“Or to be popular,” said Gia.

Gia then asked her husband fan questions about the situation and Envy denied having malicious intent with his Breakfast Club commentary while noting that he’s the “pusher of love” on the show.

“I know we weren’t gonna talk about it,” said Gia. “‘Envy how do you get so upset that someone disrespected your wife when it’s basically you and your cohosts’ job to do the same thing every day? And you disrespect females on occasion on your show.'”

“People like to group people on our show,” said Envy. “If Charlamagne gave somebody donkey of the day then people automatically think that I said the same thing or it’s the same sentiment. I don’t know if people realize especially in the last 5 years, 6 years, I’ve been the pusher of love. When JuJu and Cam’ron were having problems I was like, y’all need to get back together and work it out. I don’t try to disrespect anybody. When it comes to disrespecting somebody, I don’t ever try to disrespect anybody maliciously.

He also recalled a single time he might have disrespected someone’s wife; the time he said something out of pocket about Tiny Harris and got called out by T.I.

“One time it was T.I. and Tiny, and T.I. called me on-air and he was right—but that was what? 7 or 8 years ago.”

More of this lovely triscuit colored tag team on the flip.

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DJ Envy also directly addressed notions that his wife is a gold digger and noted that if she decided to divorce him, she’d never have to work again. Gia then doubled down on the notion that Deus and Mero really did insinuate that she was with him for money.

“I was pissed off about it, I feel like people don’t know people’s stories and they automatically make assumptions,” said Envy. “I know people might look at your Instagram and see all the fly s*** you do own and people think ‘Oh she’s only there for the check.’ It makes me laugh.

“There are people that say, ‘Well it’s true she does know those DJ Envy checks! That doesn’t mean they were trying to paint her as a gold digger—YES THEY WERE!” said Gia.
“And if you think anything other than that, you’re sheep, PERIOD because there’d be no reason for them to bring up money or anything related to money if that wasn’t the insinuation.”

“If they didn’t feel that way they wouldn’t have apologized on air,” said Envy.

“Of course not, of course, that was the insinuation, anyone who says that wasn’t the insinuation—COME ON!” said Gia.” That was clearly the insinuation. I think that hit a nerve with you because that is something people assumed without knowing our story. Just like you said, had I left I would have been possibly in a better situation financially. The point is, just logically it’s a farce. What I didn’t like about is the fact that it devalued you.”

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Gia’s also adamant that fans that watch both Envy and the Viceland hosts would’ve fried him for not checking them for their comments.

“There’s something else that bothered me about that,” said Gia. “People that listen to The Breakfast Club and also watch their show, if they would’ve come on your show and you sat there and smiled in your face, you know what the comments would’ve been the next day? ‘Oh those guys disrespected you and your family and you sat there and laughed in their face and didn’t check them!’ Then when you do confront them, then it’s “Oh Envy can’t take a joke, Oh Envy’s soft!” I feel as though people don’t want you to win.”

Do you agree?

Envy also dispelled notions that he’s p***y whipped by his wife.

“I don’t think I’m pussy whipped,” said Envy. “I think somebody who’s p***y whipped is somebody who makes bad decisions and doesn’t make honest decisions based on the p***y—or the sex. I’ll say the sex. I think there’s a lot of men and women who make their decision based on the penis or based on the sex. I really think about what’s right and what’s wrong I don’t give a f*** if we’re gonna have sex later on based on my decision. If that’s the case then I didn’t want the sex that night anyway.”

Oh Envy.

Listen to Envy and Gia’s Casey Crew podcast below.

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