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Ball Greezy Tells BOSSIP About His Long Journey To Success

Miami’s Rolling Loud Festival was this past weekend and a huge number of hip-hop artists hit the stage. BOSSIP had a chance to catch up with Florida Rapper Ball Greezy, whose current hit “Nice & Slow” has been making an impact on Hip-Hop and R&B charts while also resulting in sold out shows.


BOSSIP’s managing Editor Janeé Bolden caught up with the rapper Sunday to ask him about his set at Rolling Loud this weekend.

“It was a new experience for me and it was a good experience, because last year I remember I couldn’t even get in there, but this year I was on stage and I turned it out, see that’s how God works,” Greezy told BOSSIP.

We didn’t have much time to talk because Ball Greezy was on his way to another sold out show in Orlando. A rep for the rapper says his schedule over the last six months has been nothing but sold out shows.

“It’s amazing,” Ball Greezy told BOSSIP about his current success. “This is what I worked for, this is what I’ve been praying for. I deserve it all. I’ve been in the game 15 plus [years]. It’s only right I get my share of shine. This right now I”m gonna take advantage of. I’m gonna keep on praying and keep on going, so I’m gonna stay hot — six years from now. I’m gonna make sure it stays packed.”

With the popularity of hits like “Nice & Slow” and “Dats My Bae,” and two Bae Day projects, it’s clear that Ball Greezy knows a lil something about the ladies.

“I make my music off of feeling,” Ball Greezy said when asked whether he’s specifically seeking out a female audience. “A lot of the music be about women, but I have good experiences with women, that’s why all my music is uplifting them and not downing them, because I don’t have no experiences where I feel like a woman ain’t nothin’ to me, or has been slimy or nasty to me. They always showed me love, so it’s only right. I make music for the streets too though.”

BOSSIP asked Ball Greezy why he thinks “Nice & Slow” has been such a hit and he spoke about standing out from the crowd.

“”Nice & Slow” is different from what everyone else is doing,” Ball Greezy told BOSSIP. “This kinda music right here, you gotta have nuts to do music like this. I’m against all odds. Ball do different music. I do music that makes me feel good. I know what makes me feel good will make you feel good, that’s where the “Nice & Slow” came from. It’s a good feeling. Life ain’t so hard every day. I gotta be an uplifting moment and this is one of the moments everybody else needed because all the music is the same and Ball is standing out. Ain’t no song on the chart sound like that, but there’s six or seven songs that sound the same.”

Hit the flip for more from Ball Greezy about his plans to create a lingerie line and his aspirations to learn to cook.



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