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Teairra Mari’s Ex Akbar Adul-Ahad Responds To Her Lawsuit

Teairra Mari’s ex is vehemently trying to clear his name and making some shocking claims to do so.

As previously reported Teairra is using Attorney Lisa Bloom to sue Akbar Abdul-Ahad and 50 Cent for leaking “revenge porn” of her fellating Akbar.

Now Akbar’s clapping back via a new interview where he claims that he’s countersuing his ex for defamation of character.

“I had nothing to do with leaking this tape and I am now in the process of filing a counter lawsuit against her for defamation of character because she knows that I didn’t do this,” he told Hollywood Life. “I’m working with my own lawyers to clear my name. I don’t know how 50 plans to handle this but I’ll do whatever I need to clear him too because he had nothing to do with this.”

Akbar also says that he thinks Teairra leaked the freaky flick herself for a “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” storyline.

“My opinion is she had nothing going on, she hasn’t put a record since 2003 and I think it had something to do with her storyline,” he told he told Hollywood Life.
And once they tied me and 50 Cent together that’s when (attorney) Lisa Bloom stepped in, she saw the opportunity for publicity and the money. Whatever you earn, she wants to take it.”

Greg Doherty/Getty Images

Akbar also said that he thinks Teairra’s targeting 50 because she’s after his money.

“The Shade Room posted it and other sites posted it, but she’s not suing them,” said Akbar. Only 50 Cent.”

He’s actually wrong—TSR didn’t post the tape, just hashtags about it but we digress…

In a surprise twist, people are alleging that all the while Teairra’s been dealing with this Akbar drama, her shady ex is ACTUALLY married.

Hit the flip for more details.

TheJasmineBrand is reporting that Akbar Abdul-Ahad is actually married.

He’s been married for years and has children. I don’t know if Teairra knew that when they began their relationship, but she knows now,” a source told TheJasmineBrand.

Sources don’t know if that’s what ended their relationship, but Teairra has said publicly that she found out that Akbar was cheating on her and that’s why she ended their relationship.

We did some digging and discovered that that woman is actually a clothing designer named Sade of Folasade Clothing.

News about Akbar and Sade being together first hit the blogs back in December when Fameolous alleged that Teairra’s new boo was actually married and his wife allegedly okayed their “fake coupledom” for reality TV.


What’s really going on here??? They could be divorced for all we know…

TheJasmineBrand uncovered a video of Teairra (allegedly) busting out her exe’s windows.

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