“Black Ink Chicago” Exclusive: Ryan Speaks On “Deading” Relationship With Old 9 Mag Staff, But Guess Who He May Reconcile With?!

- By Bossip Staff

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Lily said on Instagram you were hiding a relationship with your assistant Gina, is that true?

RH: No, not at all. I have three assistants, and I think she was implying something about people trying to get on the show. But that’s what happens when people get the lines crossed between what’s real and what’s on the show. I own my shop, there’s people who work in my shop that aren’t characters on the show. Everybody who does real work ain’t meant to be on TV.

What’s going on with you and Rachel right now? We saw you give her some nice things for Mother’s Day but there’s rumors that you guys broke up.

RH: It’s crazy people make assumptions based off things they see on the internet, but can’t no assumptions break us up. At the end of the day we gon’ be us, we got a family to raise.

You’ve always got local Chicago celebrities coming through the shop, so who can we expect to see this season?

RH: There’s a lot going on with the splitting of shops, so I don’t know who they may have coming through on that side. I’m really plugged in but all of my celebrity clientele do not want to be on TV, but as long as we can show the real Chicago it’s all good. I may have a celebrity client tomorrow and you would see that on the show, you just never know.

So basically you guys haven’t shot that far in advance yet?

RH: We have, it’s just all coming to you raw and direct.

What was the hardest thing to deal with this season?

RH: I walked away from people I considered my family. I don’t want people to think I just went rogue and I didn’t care about nobody. No, that was hard for me. It was a build up over time and this is the result of it.

What was the best thing to come out of the split?

RH: Peace of mind. All last year I had so much going on, I didn’t really have time to do for myself, now with this split I can take care of Ryan.

Have you ever had any type of therapy or counseling?

RH: I have, I feel like like everyone should try some therapy. I’d rather get help than just be messed up. Go talk to somebody.

Being from Chicago, how do you feel about the whole Kanye/Rhymefest beef?

RH: I think Rhymefest was just hurt, and spoke on something he felt needed to be said, but we don’t really know what was said between them. Rhymefest could say one thing then Kim Kardashian could say that never happened and because of her level of celebrity more people will side with her. But we don’t know what waS really said. They were real friends.

Who out of the remaining old 9Mag crew do you think you would have the easiest time reconciling with?

RH: I brought Lily in to be a good artist, she’s a hard worker. Whatever discrepancies we’ve got right now I know she ain’t having it the easiest over there either. It would probably be easiest to reconcile with her. She’s coming up. The rest of that is dead.

Dead is a strong word, Ryan.

RH: I know, that’s why I said it.

Whoa… As you can see the emotions are very real with this show. Do you think that Ryan will ever be back on the same page with Van, Kat and Charmaine? How about Lily and Danielle?



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