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Cardi B calls Black woman "roaches" online, calls black boy a monkey and people react.

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Cardi B Befuddled Some Fans After Calling Black Folks Monkeys And Roaches

Yesterday, millions of folks heard Nicki Minaj spill her feelings on her fight with rival Cardi B. So, things were said about Cardi B on Queen Radio in order to show her “true” character according to Nicki — including times she’s called a deceased black boy a monkey and handful of times she reserved the insult “roach” for only dark-skinned women who disagree with her online.

Whether or not you agree or take sides, the terms “roaches” and “monkeys” have racial overtones. So why is it that Cardi B gets a pass?

Sure, BOTH women can be dragged up, down and around with a moral compass, but the cognitive dissonance of Cardi B fans defending her remarks are raining down on twitter.

Where do YOU stand on this?

The commentary online is all over the place! Hit the flip to see how some folks are feeling about Cardi B’s regular use of the term “roach” and calling a black boy a monkey.

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