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Jennifer Williams and Evelyn Lozada of Basketball Wives LA

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Wildest Moments From Basketball Wives’ Season

This has been one of the craziest seasons in Basketball Wives history. We had the return of Evelyn, Tami and Evelyn’s feud going to new heights and Jennifer’s alleged villainy. Plus…A TABLE GOT THROWN.

So what all has happened? Sure, it can be overwhelming at times so we grabbed the 10 wildest, pettiest, nastiest moments from this season. This has been absolutely absurd! Take a look.

1. Tami “Reveals” That Evelyn Slept With Shaunie’s Ex – During a farcical reconciliation meeting, Tami decided to drop a bomb that Evelyn stabbed Shaunie in the back by sleeping with her ex.

Jennifer Williams: “Tami and I had a conversation about Evelyn sleeping with your ex.”

Evelyn Lozada: “Shaunie I swear on my kids [I didn’t]…call him right now.”


2. Tami Blamed Evelyn For Domestic Abuse – Things got even nastier when Tami said that Evelyn “fought that man” in talking about the domestic abuse incident involving Chad Johnson.

Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic

3. Jennifer Williams Joins The Mess – In episode 7 it was revealed that Evelyn’s sidekick, Jennifer, actually was part of the rumor mill that put Evelyn on blast for allegedly sleeping with Shaunie’s ex.

Evelyn Lozada faces backlash


4. Evelyn Fights Dirty – Evelyn had all the sympathy early in the season but pretty much ruined it with some nasty low blows in episode 7. She started to go in on Tami’s health problems, talking about her “crackhead legs” and taking the gloves off. Too far? A lot of people thought so.

5. Evelyn Gets Racist – Evelyne had been trashing CeCe all season, joking that she was giving away happy endings at her job and calling her “Lee Lee.” The exchange had people wanting her kicked off the show. But the attention she’s bringing means Shaunie will probably never do that.

Jennifer Williams and Evelyn Lozada of Basketball Wives LA

Courtesy of VH1

6. Jennifer Gets Nasty – Welp. Jennifer made a full on villain turn when she allegedly spread rumors about Evelyn’s daughter bussing it open in Miami…and other below the belt insinuations.

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Courtesy of Vh1

7. The Reunion Explosion – Tami stormed off of the set when Evelyn took things far…again. It’s gotta be some real mess for it to be too much for Tami!

(Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for BET)

8. Jackie Picks A Side – Way back in episode 3, Tami and Evelyn vowed to never be friends and Jackie acted like she was playing Red Rover and picked a side. “‘I’m team Tami”…not surprising since Jackie has been accused of trying to kill Evelyn. No biggie.

Malaysia Pargo

9. The Table Toss – Fed up with Jennifer’s mess, Malaysia threw a WHOLE A$$ TABLE AT HER. Yo!

Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic

10. Jennifer’s Imaginary Stalker – Maybe the funniest moment of the season was Jennifer getting clowned to hell for swearing she was being stalked, only for the evidence to…not be there. Everyone had something funny to say about her allegations. Damn, cold world.


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