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Quavo Shoots Back At Nicki Minaj

Well this was unexpected. When Nicki Minaj dropped her “Barbie Dreams” song a few months ago, name checking rappers she pretended to smash to smithereens, it all seemed like a harmless song for headlines. However, not everyone took the song as a joke…or maybe they did. Quavo decided to shoot back on his new song “Huncho Dreams” but he took things a bit far, with lyrics like:

No “FEFE,” I skeet-skeet (“FEFE”) on yo’ face a** (Face a**, brrt-brrt)
Called up Huncho to come tap that a** (Swear)
Pull up on you, autotune when I grip that a** (Skeet, skeet)
Pullin’ on yo’ weave, ‘cross the room when I pipe that a** (Pipe it)
I see a queen on a tree-tree (What you see?)
She like the ride new boy tree-tree (Yeah, new boy)
I see a queen on the tree-tree (What you see?)
She like the ride that boy tree-tree (Yeah, new boy)
Nicki (Nicki), do you love me? (Please)

Word? On de face? This made the internet go ham. Barbs are in disarray and rap fans are thirsty. Take a look at the comedy and chaos that ensued…

Quavo : Nicki do you love me, why you crying? ..

Quavo: Bounce that a$$ Nicki, if i hurt yo feels im truly sorry, im straight out the jungle, no Safari….

“Did quavo really just put on a song on his album called huncho Dreams talking about smashing Nicki ? I ca-“

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Nicki said one line. Quavo dragged shawty & brought up Chanel. CHANEL. Y’all know she don’t play bout that s***. He came for blood that ain’t no mf joke 😂😂

Quavo weird asf for making that whole song about Nicki 😂 tryna copy off Barbie dreams and didn’t even do it right

“So Quavo was the one who got Nicki those Chanel bags??? He was the reason she was doing all that excited screaming? Yo. So she wass geeked over him like he said. Phew Nicki idk how you gone address this but damn. “


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