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Shamari DeVoe Talks Joining “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta”

There’s a “New Edition”(pun intended) to the RHOA cast that people can’t wait to meet. This Sunday Shamari DeVoe will make her debut on “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta” as an official peach holder. The songstress, mother, and wife to the legendary Ronnie DeVoe already made a splash in season 11 previews—but who is she, exactly?


Bossip recently caught up with the newbie who told us all about joining Andy Cohen’s raucous reality TV crew while being a mom and a “marriage ambassador” with her hubby. She also noted that Ronnie was initially none too pleased to hear she might be picking up a peach—but did she change his mind?

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Meet Shamari DeVoe below.

What attracted you to joining RHOA?

I wanted people to hear my story. The world knew me as a member of multiplatinum group Blaque and from the movie “Bring It On” as an actress but I really wanted people to know me as Shamari DeVoe.

Did you have any hangups about joining the cast?

I just wanted to make sure it truly represented my family and who we are as parents, artists and “marriage ambassadors.”

What does it mean to be a “marriage ambassador”?

Me and my husband have been together 17 years, we’ve been married for 12 years. We’ve been through so many challenges and we were able to overcome those challenges. We are marriage ambassadors and it’s our mission to help other couples work through their challenges so they can have lifelong healthy relationships. We get couples together and encourage and inspire one another and we help people that are going through challenges and we encourage them to work it out. It’s all about saving families and bettering our community. Families make up our community so as long as the families stay together, our community is a better place.

As a marriage ambassador, what advice would you give to the other RHOA couples?

No matter what you’re going through, you have to stick it out, you have to communicate, you have to listen to each other. There is a blessing even in the impossible because anything is possible when you trust and you have faith and that’s very important in relationships.

What was your husband’s initial reaction when you told him that you wanted to join the RHOA cast?

He’s very protective so at first, he was like, ‘Oh hell nah!!!!’ Then the more that we talked about it, we realized that this is a great platform for us to share our testimony.

How do you balance being a wife and mother with RHOA?

I am a superwoman! I have a great support system, it consists of my husband, my family, and my friends. Even though I ‘m a superwoman every superwoman needs help.

We understand that you’ve known Kandi for a number of years, what other housewives are you close with?

I think all the housewives are great and we’re getting to know each other more. I’m still closest with Kandi, I just have such a great history with her. She’s worked with my group and we come from the same musical background from the 90s and [from] her doing the “808 Remix” for Blaque. I feel really close to her. I’m getting to know everybody, everybody is really, really, cool.

Is there a housewife, in particular, you’ve enjoyed getting to know?

I really like NeNe, she keeps me laughing—she’s so funny! And [I like] Eva because we have the same connection, we’re both new mothers, we have that in common.

Are you working on any new music?

Yes, I have some new music that I’m working on with Blaque. We have a surprise coming up so stay tuned. Also, my husband and I have a singing group called ‘Me and Mari’, we’ve been working on new music for a few years now. We’re finally ready to release our single called “Love Comes Through.”

What do you want RHOA fans to learn about Shamari DeVoe?

I want the viewers to know that I’m a superwoman; I’m a wife, a mother, I’m a friend, I’m a daughter and I want women to know that they can do it all.


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