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Dwight Howard Blasted On Social Media By His Alleged Gay Lover

The NBA season just got a little more interesting. A gay man named Masin Elije put NBA star Dwight Howard on blast for allegedly being in a relationship and allegedly attending transgender sex parties.

According to Masin, they talked and met up, he was really into Dwight and the two allegedly began a romantic relationship. Things reportedly went sour after Howard allegedly started hooking up with someone else, and wanted Masin to sign an NDA. After he refused Dwight’s camp allegedly started threatening him, and he then decided to put everyone on blast.

He took the situation to Twitter to provide alleged receipts of all his accusations and to let everyone know he isn’t lying. He has screen recordings of himself talking to someone named Dwight and another person named Calvin.

Masin Elije has since spoken to The Hill Reporter and he’s alleging that “Calvin” is Pastor Calvin Simmons. Simmons previously made headlines for mentoring Howard.

I have been harassed, sexually harassed, called a ‘f-ggot in a wig’, I have been told in the videos as you can see (below) ‘you better move’, ‘you are a freak’, ‘bend over faggot and tell them that’. I have been threatened, my life has been threatened by Dwight Howard’s PASTOR! I have had every gay slur said to me by Dwight Howard’s PASTOR, Calvin Simmons because I did not want to sign a nondisclosure agreement regarding Dwight. I did not take ‘hush money’ because I was afraid they [would] try to say I extorted Dwight. I just wanted this situation to go away but the threats his team and pastor made frightened me to the point where I am still afraid. Dwight Howard has done nothing to tell his team and the people he works with to leave me alone. THAT IS MY STORY!”

Masin Elije previously claimed in a series of tweets that he was involved with Playboi Carti but was allegedly discredited. He’s also an author and recently released a novel titled “Industry Hoe.”

Howard has yet to respond to the accusations.

Read the tweets below.


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