Eesh: Tiffany Haddish Fans Walk Out Her New Year's Eve Show

Eesh: Tiffany Haddish Fans Leave Her New Year’s Eve Show After A #SheNotReady Performance

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Tiffany Haddish

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The Comedic Star Owns Up To Her Bad Night

Unfortunately, it seems Tiffany Haddish didn’t go out with a bang after a great 2018.

According to Page Six, the Girls Trip star did a New Year’s Eve stand-up show and completely bombed. She performed to a sold-out audience at the James L. Knight Center in Miami and apparently she did so bad on Monday night, fans started walking out of the show.

“This is going to be on TMZ or whatever,” Tiffany said to the unhappy audience.

Tiffany reportedly forgot several of her jokes and the ones she did remember, like the ones about her mother being in a mental institution or her friends asking for cash, reportedly fell flat.

“Fu** it,” she said onstage. “I really wanted to talk about some stuff and can’t remember none of it.”

At one point, Tiffany even grabbed a bottle of Ciroc and started drinking onstage. She invited audience members to come tell jokes of their own as people started heckling and booing the comedian. “This is weird for me,” Haddish said during the show.

Attendees took to Twitter to express their disappointment with one person writing, “She wasn’t funny, it was hard to watch. Her jokes bombed started asking people in the front row if they had questions.”

Another person wrote, “tiffany haddish #SHENotReady – Went to see show in Miami. it was terrible. Walked out.”

Haddish hopes to never have a night like this again, however. She also hopped on Twitter and wrote, “Yes this happened. I wish it was better Miami. I prayed on it and I have a strong feeling this will never happened again.”


Haddish luckily got some love from fellow comedians. Hit the next pages to find out who supported Tiffany on her bad night.

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