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Baby Girl Goes Viral For Being “Unimpressed” With Baby Brother

A hilarious baby is going viral after she was completely unimpressed with the arrival of her little brother. Like a true only child, the little girl kept a straight face when she was asked to acknowledge the newborn—not even a hint of a smile appeared.

At one point, she’s asked to “give him a kiss.” She thinks about it for a split second, but changes her mind instantly, barely holding onto the baby as he is placed in her arms.

Her folks even told her “It’s like your baby dolls…you have your own baby now” and still…nothing. Watch the funny clip below and hit the flip to see the funniest responses. It’s entirely likely that this shady baby just woke up from a nap…or, maybe she really is just that unimpressed…#hereforit.

“She’s like ‘I didn’t order this.'” – @garyville_girl

“I would suggest never leaving the two of them alone. Never!” – @derayavuzyigit

“She knows she had a good run and it’s all downhill from here.” – @kellymag26

“The creepy part is all the adults in the room trying to force the kid to make a physical gesture of affection when she clearly would rather not. Yikes.” – @monstorer #facts.

“No thank you. Take it back.” – @lawanda50

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