Yandy Smith Speaks On Kimbella's "Clout" Adoption Comments

Ex-Friend Files: Yandy Says She Can’t Forgive Kimbella For Making THESE Cruel Comments About Her Foster Daughter

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Yandy Smith Speaks On Kimbella’s “Clout” Adoption Comments

Yandy Smith is an activist/reality star/podcast co-host and a foster mom. The LHHNY star recently chatted with BOSSIP about the many hats she wears and spoke on her daughter Infinity who she met through her “Everything Girls Love P.U.D” foundation and mentored for three years.

According to Yandy, Infinity, who she foster mothers, is special to her and a welcome addition to her family alongside her children Skylar and Omere.

“I have been incredibly blessed to have her in my household,” said Yandy.

With that in mind, it’s no wonder that Yandy’s none too pleased with Kimbella whom she says unforgivably made nasty comments she made about Infinity.

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On a recent episode of “Love & Hip Hop”, Maggie told Yandy that Kimbella spoke ill of her kids and said she adopted Infinity “for clout.”

According to Kimbella however, she didn’t speak about Yandy’s kids—just solely about Infinity, and she shadily confirmed that she thought Yandy might’ve adopted the teen “to look good.”

“I didn’t talk about the kids with an s, I’ve only spoke about…,” said Kimbella while in Costa Rica with JuJu. “[I said] that she was probably just doing it to just make herself look good and I HOPE it’s not the reason, and that’s how I feel about it.”

She then added that she thinks Yandy’s playing victim about it.


Yandy spoke with BOSSIP this week and told us that Kimbella’s comments put the nail in their friendship coffin and she’s refuting claims that she adopted Infinity “for clout.”

According to Yandy, she was hurt to hear Kimbella say her adopting Infinity was “fake as f**k.”

“Where I draw the line is, you don’t talk about my children,” said Yandy. “That is something that is unforgivable to me. Not only are you insulting my charcter as a mother to her. You’re insulting my character as a mother to the two that you held, the two you’ve held since they were born. Yes, I was in the wedding, yes I stood by her side and I was happy to be there. I definitely felt proud to be there but that was a week and a half before that episode aired.  […] To use a child as a pawn to insult my character is wrong.”


If YOU were Yandy could you forgive Kimbella????


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Kimbella’s claiming that her words were misconstrued and adding that she thought she and Yandy squashed their issues because Yandy was in her wedding.

“I NEVER once mentioned this girls children or foster child!! I said that SHE does things for a good look, for social media, and hope SHE was genuinely adopting a child for the right reasons. So everybody needs to stop it! I have children of my own who grew up with her children!! I would NEVER speak on or about a child! However I do still stand with the fact she does things for social media which we end up discussing in Costa Rica face to face which you will see in the next few episodes. For her to now insinuate that I’m now talking about her other children, about a CHILD period.. is hurtful & ridiculous!!

And she’s trying to run with that & that’s a shame after we spoke about exactly what I said in Costa Rica, before my wedding, hence one of the reasons she was even in my wedding, resolved it and moved on! If it was an issue after seeing the episode then there should have been a discussion, because from what I know we already had spoken about it in Costa Rica! Especially after we put it to rest. All this shit that I’m now hearing & seeing AFTER WE SPOKE!! Is crazy, because we did discuss this face to face. Now saying I’m Unworthy, because you HEARD from someone other than me, that I said something about your child?! Before even confronting me?! Ain’t no coming back from that!! So anybody can tell you I said something and you gone believe it, without even asking me?!! I’m GOOD! 🙅🏽‍♀️”


But there’s a clear video of Kimbella making the comments in question, so were her words really misconstrued???


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