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Tia Mowry Discusses What Growing Up Biracial Was Like For Her

Tia Mowry is opening up on what it was like to grow up with a white father and a Black mother and how different it is compared to her marriage to Cory Hardrict.

In a vlog, Tia starts her story off from the genesis of her parents’ friendship that started in Miami in 9th grade. She says her mom and dad were literally from different sides of the tracks. Eventually, her mom left their town to escape racial tension by secretly joining the army. Tia’s dad followed her to Texas when he found out and that’s how they started their family.

Tia then discusses the different layers of racial tension she experiences being biracial. She says from young, she noticed her mom got a lot of prejudice. She herself was called the “n-word” by a white boy she crushed on in 3rd grade. Now, having a Black husband, Tia acknowledges how differently the world sees her family then versus now.

“So my dad, I didn’t experience racism with him. But now I’m living in a household where my husband is Black. The racism I experience with him is mind blowing. I had to learn how to adapt seeing my husband get questioned about buying something very expensive. My husband was walking into a pharmacy and he had on a backpack. and a security guard is questioning him and eyeing him down. I didn’t grow up with that sort of behavior living with a male figure.”

Tia says she’s already begun having conversations about racism with her son Cree.

Her perspective is interesting! Hit play to hear what else she had to say about being biracial.




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