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Moniece Confirms Apryl Is Pregnant, Claims Fizz Brainwashed And Abused Son, Says They Both Dislike Omarion

Moniece Slaughter appeared on the latest episode of Hollywood Unlocked with Jason Lee and BOY did she address everything she’s been in the news for recently.

Let’s start off lightly! Because she said a lot. Moniece started off by addressing the time she called a child ugly during a fight with Little Brandi on television. (Remember her?) People took an extreme offense to Moniece slandering a child. Moniece clarifies that she hasn’t apologized to Brandi over it, but did ultimately extend her sincere apology.

She explained why she got out of character on the show, saying her buttons were being pushed by Brandi while she was in a low place.

The children are innocent. Mine has been a topic of discussion for many years now, for people who I never sent for. That’s the silver bullet. You can call me a h*e, built like a 12-year-old….a walking black n mild. That doesn’t bother me. I could be one of those mothers that’s out here trapping rappers, but I’m not. How DARE you? I take offense to that when you know me. Max Lux knows me. Little Brandi knows me.

This was the perfect segue into why she’s so DISGUSTED with her baby daddy Fizz shacking up with Apryl. It has everything to do with Fizz allegedly encouraging their son to lie to his mother, enduring abuse and “choosing” to live with Fizz and Apryl after the adults denied they were a couple. She also casually dropped that Fizz’s quarters got raided for selling weed, that’s how he ended up living with Apryl.

When I made the comment on social media (exposing Fizz and Apryl’s relationship), my son had felt the need to hide and lie. He said he thought that I didn’t want him around Apryl because of what happened between ‘daddy and uncle O’. I don’t even know what transpired between these two men, and why he would be worried about that at nine years old.

Moniece continued, doubling down on claims Fizz abused her son and encouraged the child to hide it.

I’m sorry about making the comment about the guys sleeping with [Apryl] for them to pay your bills. But, what I’m not going to do is apologize for the statement I made about my son’s father because it was true.

It was very traumatic for my son and that is why my son feels like he has to lie. When my son came home with the bruises, he said he couldn’t tell us because his dad told him that if he did, that I was going to take him away from him.

Hit the flip for wayyyyy more from Moniece and her Fizz & Apryl relationship disdain.



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