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Charmaine, Van, Black Ink Chicago

Source: Black Ink Chicago / VH1

#BlackInkCHI: Charmaine DENIES Rumor She Had Sex With Van, Fans Thinks She’s Lying

Charmaine from Black Ink Chicago had a ROUGH time getting her work ‘friends’ to corroborate her last night. In an emotional rant, the shop PR specialist begged her team to hear her out over Van rumors. Rumors were brought forth by Van’s ex-sidepiece Evanita that Char was smashing him.

However, the newly engaged woman says she NEVER had sex with him. Van, also in a relationship denied the rumors but wanted to keep it cool, meanwhile, Charmaine was getting more irritated as she tried to prove her point. Her anger made fans think she’s lying.

In a crazy twist, it was Don who told producers that Charmaine engaged in oral sex with Van, and he allegedly got that information from Van himself!

Hit play to see it:

Yikes! Despite her doubters, Charmaine is STILL maintaining that she was set up by her castmembers and producers. Hit the flip to see what she has to say about it, after the fact.

Charmaine wrote on her IG Story:

Addressing tonight’s episode of Black Ink Chi. Never in my life have I had any sexual contact with Van. It makes me sick to my stomach to see how low some will go for this show and try an bring me and my character down for their own benefit so they don’t have to face their own truths. Brothers are no longer brothers and friends are no longer friends and that will not change throughout the rest ofmy time on this show and life. Period.

Charmaine finished her statement by saying, “they set you up and you fell for it.” We assume this message is for Don, who snitched on her.


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