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Cook County prosecutors seek to raise bond on R. Kelly even though heâs already in custody on federal charges

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R Kelly Misses Court Date While Being Incarcerated

Another day, another bizarre turn in the life and times of Robert Kelly. This time, maybe the most unsuspecting–but hilariously petty turn.

R Kelly has been in a federal jail in Chicago all summer 2019. Everyone with a television or smartphone is very aware of his situation and why he’s there. From the looks of it, he’s finally going to pay for all the alleged crimes he’s committed to innocent minors. What else could happen to make things worse for his situation you ask? Well, missing a court appearance would be your answer. Even though the disgraced singer clearly can’t leave jail at his own will, a Minnesota judge wasn’t hearing it.

According to reports from TMZ, Kelly is facing 2 charges in Minnesota: engaging in prostitution with someone under 18 and the second is hiring/offering/agreeing to hire someone for sexual contact. After he was a no-show for his 1:30 pm court appearance, the judge made the decision to issue a bench warrant. Obviously, R Kelly can only appear if transported from Chicago by authorities, which really isn’t up to him–but it’s also not the court of Minnesota’s responsibility.

Kelly’s lawyer, Steven Greenberg, spoke to TMZ about the incident saying, “They never came to get him, wtf was he supposed to do, telepathically transport himself?”

Listen Steven, if you’re going to represent Robert, you need to have a list and check it twice like Santa Clause, because he’s all out of favors and situations like this are bound to repeat themselves.


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