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Azealia Banks performs at Manchester O2 Ritz

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Azealia Banks Slams Rihanna

Sentient Dark Crystals extra Azealia Banks is back hating black success again. This time she is hating on Rihanna and her Savage X Fenty Amazon show from wayyyyy outside the club. Her couch, actually. For some reason, Banks went on a long a$$ IG rant about Rihanna including this lovely Hallmark card:

“We will have no f***ing fat black icons on this f***ing side”

What a delightful woman. OF course, you must remember she had very similar nasty criticisms of Lizzo and her weight. It’s just…please just take this L and the dragging that has commenced. Ridiculous.

Thinking about how someone said this is how azealia banks sings

“Azealia Banks spent all night calling Rihanna fat & bald after crying on her instagram story how the last time everyone liked her was in high school.”

“no one:

Azealia Banks seeing anyone succeed:”

“Azealia Banks is out here calling Rihanna “fat and edgeless”, while she watches the Fenty show…at her apartment…on tv.”

“Azealia really coming for Rihanna and Fenty??? Okkkkkkk girl.”

“Azealia Banks is really pressed on Insta about Rihanna’s success … It’s always when the girls are doing better than her and actually do something with their platforms …. She’s gonna end up like Khia … Posting Instagram videos in her basement with a disconnected phone.”

“Now I love me some Azealia.. but how is she attempting to come for Rihanna whilst wearing that STALE wig ?”

“Why is Azealia banks making fun of Rihanna’s makeup brand? Azealia literally sold skin bleaching soaps”

“Azealia Banks asked Rihanna where her edges are. I’d ask Azealia Banks where her hit songs are.”

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