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Evelyn Lozada’s Race Called To Question

Evelyn Lozada is back in the news with yet more controversy. Her insane panty-patting outburst during last week’s Basketball Wives had everyone making memes about her. That didn’t end the shenanigans. Evelyn was accused of racism for her anti-black comments about her cast mates. That led her to take to the internet to assert her blackness:

See…black people can’t be racist so if Evelyn is Afro-Latina then she is off the hook. Well, that would only halfway work if she is actually black. This tweet that got drudged up says otherwise:

Whoops. Twitter sure keyed in and has a lot of demands for answers. Peep the dragging:

“Evelyn Lozada is deeply anti-Black. Like many anti-Black Latina women (who are NOT Afro-Latina) she capitalizes on anti-Blackness to prop up her desirability.

women who aren’t Black but date Black men deeply understand that they’re desirable because of a hatred of Black women”

“Evelyn Lozada is quite obviously afro-latinx.

Evelyn Lozada only acknowledging that when she is being called out about anti-black statements is gross.

In the words of Tiffany Pollard “if you are black sit in it…in all shades.”

Blackness isn’t a “gotcha.””

“That trick Evelyn is now claiming she Afro Latina AFTER she called a black woman a monkey”

“So the new thing is too claim you’re Afro Latina when someone calls you out for being racist and colorists. Evelyn claiming to be Afro Latina. Since when sis?”

“I do think it’s interesting that she’s trying to get the Kwanzaa candles out now that she’s been accused of anti-Blackness when she denied being Black before, but Evelyn is Afro-Latina.”

“Evelyn from basketball wives out here trying to claim herself as afro-Latina AFTER people called out her colorism and bully antics. Now they dug up a tweet where she clearly says NO if she has black in her and now the girl is steadily digging a grave. Just stop smh”

“Evelyn wants to claim she’s Afro Latina now? Girl bye. Literally has never mentioned being Afro Latina until now. She just doing that cuz she was caught on camera saying n**** in the most recent episode.”

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