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Lizzo And Iggy Azalea’s Playful Rivalry

Lizzo has been white the shade tree this summer. Of course we remember when she got into it with a food delivery service over supposed stolen food. That pales in comparison to the importance of her whirlwind run to the top of the charts. This has been the summer of Lizzo for sure.

Now, she wants the crown of having the longest reigning female rap song at the top of the charts. So she posted this:

The statement had Iggy Azalea in her Helman-ic feelings.

So she went on a campaign to get “Señorita” streaming so it can overtake Lizzo.

Iggy is out here claiming it’s all in good fun but that isn’t stopping her from getting clowned for her troubles. Take a look…

“Y’all came for Lil Nas X earlier in the year, y’all came for Normani in the summer, and now y’all are coming for Lizzo in the fall. Something tells me y’all don’t like the fact that all the new and up and coming artists are black and are about to take over.”

“Everybody an iggy stan all of the sudden when lizzo is involved? Smells like… imma just log out.”

“stan twitter is so stupid. imagine trying to cancel lizzo or whatever just because she only mentioned her friend was on a song and not iggy. if ur friend was doing a collab you’d wanna draw attention to them specifically, right? she threw no shade or anything at iggy, calm down.”

“Lizzo not mentioning iggy in her fancy tweet is EXACTLY what she shoulda did. Iggy tried to occupy a space she clearly wasnt made for. But I highly doubt she meant it that way. Yall just love to talk.”

“the way i’m laughing now but if iggy somehow gets camila dragged…i got sumn for her and lizzo”

“iggy trying to get people to stop streaming lizzo rn”

“Lizzo begging stans to stream her song so she can dethrone iggy.

Now iggy begging stans to stream señorita so it can dethrone lizzo.”

“Lizzo when asked about Iggy”

“Iggy girl what is you doin?! You think you can stop Lizzo’s shine?!? Gtfoh🤣🤣🤣 #StreamTruthHurts”

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“Lizzo trends more because of her music than petty beef. Iggy trends more because of petty beef than her music.”



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