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Production Source Says OG Is A “Troublemaker” Behind The Scenes

What happens in the dark always comes to light — last week OG pulled out the receipts while beefing with Evelyn but a well-placed production source tells BOSSIP that Evelyn’s not the real villain on set.

“The whole thing about OG being aggressive actually started BEHIND the camera,” the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told BOSSIP. “She’s been harassing Viacom executives behind the scenes as well as exes in the production offices.”

What’s more, the source accuses OG of leaking executives and cast members’ personal email addresses.

“During this season she was constantly cussing out crewmembers for the most trivial things like cords being on the floor and in the way of her walking,” the “Basketball Wives” source tells BOSSIP. “Or not having her water room temperature.”

That’s not all. OG also allegedly had some pretty wild demands.


“She was telling crewmembers and show execs that she would like to be addressed as Princess because she’s better than everyone,” the source recalled to BOSSIP.

“The aggressive thing didn’t come from nowhere,” the source adds. “She caused a huge scene after cussing out TSA at the airport on the way to Costa Rica, THEN she got into a full-blown argument with someone on the plane over a window seat. The aggression storyline stems from a lot of off-camera issues that ended up spilling over onto television.”


Just a few days ago, Shaunie O’Neal went on Instagram live to address a lot of rumors about the show — including stories that OG had been fired from the show. Shaunie denied the rumors, saying OG had not been fired.

We asked our “Basketball Wives” source about the rumor as well.


“There was a time Shaunie personally pulled OG to the side to let her know she appreciated her,” the source tells BOSSIP. “She told her she was doing a good job of keeping the dialogue going among the cast for content.”


Unfortunately, not everyone is happy to have OG around. Our source exclusively told BOSSIP that a number of cast members are currently not speaking up about OG because she’s such a loose cannon.


“She’s told a couple of cast members that she worked really hard to get on “Basketball Wives” and everybody will know her name now that she’s made it,” the source for the show says, adding that OG’s been unable to get her castmates to support her claims of being the victim of colorism because they feel she’s making it up to gain sympathy.

“She conjured up this colorist story to get the fan bases attention,” the insider said to BOSSIP. “She’s been overheard saying that society is extremely sensitive to racism and colorism right now and that’s the narrative she wants to use so the world knows her name. This is why no one else from the cast has joined her with these allegations because everyone knows it’s not to be true.”


It gets even deeper according to the “Basketball Wives” insider, who claims OG has gone so far as to create social media accounts and reach out to entertainment outlets to spread false rumors.

Wild right?! Would you think anyone would go so far for reality fame?

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