BOSSIP Exclusive: “Basketball Wives” Source Says OG’s Aggressive Storyline Stems From Her BTS ‘Drama Queen’ Actions!

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CeCe Gutierrez, Jackie Christie , Jennifer Williams, Ogum "OG" Chijindu

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Since we had the opportunity to talk with an insider behind the scenes at “Basketball Wives,” we had to ask how OG ended up on set at the reunion — by herself. Our source explained it all.


“Tami Roman requested to film from another location because she didn’t want to be on set with Evelyn,” the BBW insider told BOSSIP. “So it as put in the budget for production to have two sets. Since there was money being spent on two sets they wanted to utilize the space where it made sense, so they were going to have Tami, CeCe, OG and were considering Jackie as well, on one set, then everyone else on the other. It was kind of up in the air until everyone got to the studio that day. Evelyn had also requested not to be on the same set as OG, so it just made sense to put Tami and OG together.”

Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned. Just a day or two before the reunion, production learned Tami had a medical emergency and wasn’t coming the BBW source tells BOSSIP.

“Production decided to still have OG, CeCe and possibly Jackie on one set and everyone else on the other,” the BBW insider explained. “It was never the plan to have OG sit alone, it strictly was done that way trying to keep everybody happy in terms of Tami not wanting to film on the same stage as Evelyn and Evelyn not wanting to film on the same stage as OG.”

Things went all the way left, the source tells BOSSIP when CeCe decided to leave the reunion before it started, Tami didn’t show up and Jackie Christie asked to be seated next to the host.

“Nothing was strategically planned around OG,” the “Basketball Wives” source tells BOSSIP.


What do you make of all of this? Do you think OG has been playing the victim while wreaking havoc behind the scenes? How do you think things will play out? Will you watch another season of “Basketball Wives?”



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