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Trick Daddy Arrested In Miami For DUI & Cocaine Possession

Even though Super Bowl weekend is still a few weeks away, it seems like the police have already started locking celebrities up to send a message before everyone migrates south.

This weekend  Miami legend Trick Daddy was arrested for both driving under the influence and possession of cocaine. Police allegedly found the rapper asleep behind the wheel of his car. When they inquired about why he was there and where he was going, Trick admitted he’d just left the club and dropped someone off.

Telling the police you just left the club after being found asleep behind the wheel is a bold move–almost like you’re asking to be given a field sobriety test. Due to his visible intoxication, the police swiftly arrested him before even giving him the test.

According to reports from TMZ, they tried to do a sobriety test once at the police station, but Trick Daddy refused to offer a breath sample, which would let them know exactly how intoxicated he was. Once booking him into the jail is when the cocaine possession charge was presented.

“When they conducted a search of Trick Daddy’s belongings … they claim they found a dollar bill with what they believed to be cocaine residue on the inside. He was ultimately booked for DUI and cocaine possession.”

This instance isn’t the first time the rapper has been arrested for cocaine. He was also arrested in April of 2014 when police went to his home in Florida and found a gram of cocaine in his nightstand along with a gun under his pillow.

This time around Trick Daddy’s bond was set at $5,000 for the cocaine charge and for driving under the influence, another $1,000 was added.



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