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Tanya Sam

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Tanya Sam Shades #RHOA’s Rumor Spreading Cookie Lady

After that ridiculous #RHOA showdown between her, The Cookie Lady and Kenya Moore, Tanya Sam’s sending some shade. During Sunday’s episode, you surely saw the M E S S that went down when a PEEVED Kenya went in on Tanya for that post-Toronto wig reveal.

According to Kenya, Tanya was trying to mess with her money and discredit her Kenya Moore haircare line.

“I actually like to look extra pretty when I’m gonna read a bitch,” said Kenya. “Tanya, that was some bullshit what you did. It wasn’t cute. It wasn’t funny. I am a walking billboard for a million-dollar company [Kenya Moore Hair Care] that I built with my two hands. Now, I don’t know how you’ve made your money — if you wanna get it from your boyfriend, whatever — but the money that I make is from these two hands, okay? Get that straight.”

“I trusted you to take something and bring it to me […] And what you did, Tanya, is that you saw that as an opportunity to not only embarrass me, but to try to discredit me.”

And while Tanya tried to keep things a little civill, Kenya so nasty and so rudely called her a “c*nt” before bringing that “Cookie Lady” who claimed that Tanya’s fiance Paul tried to hit on her.

According to the woman named Shiana (whose story crumbled quickly), Paul waved frantically at her, then followed her to the bathroom before chatting her up at the bar and claiming that he’s single. She also noted that Paul said he worked in real estate—which is strange because Paul’s well known for working in technology with Tech Square Labs.

“Then we go to the bar. We talked. He told me he was single. He said he did real estate,” said Shiana.  “You think it was just casual conversation? It wasn’t just casual conversation. He did say he was single.”

Thirsty much?

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Fans were baffled to hear that THAT was the whole story that the Cookie Lady just couldn’t wait to share, but no one was more baffled than Tanya who said that Paul was “livid” about the accusations.

Moreover, she was relieved that the cookie story’s lady was so “weak” and her fiancé  Paul reassured her that he was just playing wingman for his friends.

“I was like keep your cool because this is kinda pathetic,” said Tanya in the RHOA Aftershow. “It was so weak that I almost said, ‘Why are you here?!’ She could’ve lied and said anything and she basically exposed herself and said, ‘Oh well, a bunch of guys bought me and my sister drinks (Thirsty), and I gave him my card, he accepted it and that was really it. There were no numbers exchanged, he didn’t take her number—like that’s your story that’s it?! That was the stupidest, weakest story.”

“I commend you because that could not be me” said Porsa. “You did a good job.”


If you care, Kenya claims that she has even more tea on Tanya and she shaded Tanya for being “engaged for eight years.”

“You’re actually not his wife, you’re his fiance,” said Kenya. “We actuaslly have other tea on Tanya but we’ll wait till the reunion for that.”


Oh bwoy…

See what the Cookie Lady had to say for herself on the flip.

The Haute Cookie owner sent some shade to folks who weren’t mature enough to understand her “honest intentions.”

“Thank you to the audience that is mature enough to understand my honest intentions and that can take honesty.”

Sure thing, sis!

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The Cookie Lady🍪

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