Rah Ali Eviscerates Cardi B And Her Bestie Star Brim

‘Dum Dum & Bum Bum’: Rah Ali Eloquently Eviscerates Cardi B And Her Bestie Star Brim [Audio]

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Rah Ali, Cardi B

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Rah Ali Addresses Cardi B & Star Brim On Radio

Rah Ali has used her soothing voice and vocabulary to formally read Cardi B and her friend Star Brim after the ladies clapped at her online last week.

ICYMI, their beef has been ongoing since that blown out fight between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B from fashion week in September 2018. Rah Ali was present at the kerfuffle and rumor has it that she put that nasty knot on Cardi’s forehead.

Fast forward, Cardi’s recently released from prison bestie Star Brim has been promising to put her paws on Rah Ali as revenge. Rah has basically been brushing Star Brim off as a “bum” who has nothing else to do but to drag out this 18 month-long beef. In a statement on her radio show “OnSite!”, Rah describes Cardi B and her best friend’s mentalities…

She calls them “dum dum” and “bum bum”! LAWD.

“I called Brim a ‘bum’ because she is one. I’m not speaking to labels or materialistic things. I’m speaking to the quality of the individual, her intellect, character. You can’t have much to live for if you on parole, and instead of focusing up, you worrying about making threats on behalf of a b*tch that been out here in the world…Cardi, you’re mentally incapacitated. You are bothered by everything!”

Hit play to hear Rah’s whole message.

Welp! We can suspect someone from Cardi’s end shall respond soon. What do YOU think about Rah’s reaction to Cardi and Star Brim coming at her?



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