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Protest against the recent violent in New York, US

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The NYPD is involved in yet another police brutality scandal. Also, the sky is blue and water is wet.

You may have seen the following viral video of unarmed Fitzroy Gayle being beaten brutally by more than six bloodthirsty officers.

Here’s what Gayle said to NYDailyNews NYDailyNews reporter:

“They were holding me down,” Gayle said. “They were trying to knee me hard. I was trying to not get kicked in the face. They were just kneeing me and punching, punching. They put the cuffs on me after.

“They didn’t charge me with anything. I got a desk appearance ticket for being in the park after.”

That said, he’s very thankful to even be alive to tell his story.

“I’m just glad to be alive,” Gayle said. “It could’ve been worse. I’ve never been arrested. I try to stay away from police. I was surprised at the time. I’m really not surprised now. It’s expected. They think we don’t know our rights. They try to take advantage of that. Maybe because of my appearance, my do-rag, sweatsuit, black, I’m a hood dude, whatever. But I’m alive.”

Fitzroy’s mother, who had grown concerned after trying to contact her son over a dozen times, found out about his beating and arrest when her daughter called from Florida after seeing the viral video.

“When they put him down on the ground, it reminded me of Eric Garner,” she said of the Staten Island man who died in 2014 after a group of cops, including one who used a banned chokehold, tried to arrest him for allegedly selling illegal cigarettes..

“It’s the same thing. You’re going to call backup for a young man who doesn’t have a gun, doesn’t have a weapon, doesn’t have anything? Does it take six or seven strong NYPD men to hold down one young man?

What a crazy era we live in where you find out about harm done to your loved ones via social media.



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