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Draya Michele

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OnlyFans is the newest moneymaking bae platform that is dominating the internet. It’s generally a place where women and men with big followings shows exclusive pics and videos that people have to pay monthly to see. A lot of the most popular users are models, adult film stars and sex workers. The site has provided incredible dividends as the users have reported thousands of dollars monthly.

The popularity of the site has caused some more famous people to enquire about the site and its benefits. Famously, Draya asked about it a few months ago and blew up Twitter. The insinuation here being that she would at least post nude pics or videos on it, which most people expect from a place like OnlyFans.

Recently Raven Loso started an OnlyFans. Remember her? Here’s a reminder:

Her OnlyFans account has caused quite a fuss as she’s probably the biggest name to join in so far. That got us thinking, who else would blow up the net if they had an OnlyFans? We tried to keep it realistic, too. Of course Beyonce wouldn’t have one. But these ladies? Who knows?

Take a look and see and dream for yourselves…

Draya Michele – She has teased having an OnlyFans before and when she did she broke the internet in half. So imagine if she actually had one. She has been at the forefront of the MVP race for 2020 already with her IG posts, putting up big numbers and reminding us why she is one of the baddest. If she goes forward with that page? Whoosh.

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Coming Out Strong 😎 Bathing suit: @whet_soleil

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Bernice Burgos – The finest meemaw on the internet has been killing it these last few months as well. She’s been pumping out her new clothing and moneymaking endeavors, but beyond that, we know a very good revenue stream for the baddie. Bernice would break the bank for the thirsties out there on the internet.

Amber Rose – You know good and well Amber would be out here setting it out and shattering the net. Back in her early Slut Walk stages she was pushing the envelope on Instagram’s policies by putting her bawdy out there as much as any celebrities out there. Maybe she sees OnlyFans as further liberation.

Deelishis – She’s one of the most known thickalicious women in the game. She has always been happy to be upfront about her bawdy, too. Might as well get some coins from it, no? Maybe not anymore because she’s happily in a relationship and on her way to marriage. Isn’t that sweet? Not if you were waiting around for her OnlyFans page.

Bria Myles – Come on, Bria. She’s been laying relatively low since being the hottest vixen in the game and the object of Drake’s desire. She’s been still out here being one of the baddest women on the entire planet. She would make your brain explode and your pocketbooks empty. Maybe it’s good they don’t OnlyFans.

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@fashionnova fashionnovapartner

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Alexis Sky – She is absolutely one of the baddest out there and her IG reflects that. Her OnlyFans would have you rationing out ramen if she wanted. She has already made
several strip club visits and trips, which means she might be open to something like this. Of course, only if she’s comfortable. Until then, maybe her Instagram will do the trick.

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