MORE Coronavirus Tweets & Memes To Make You Laugh To Keep From Panicking

MORE Coronavirus Tweets & Memes To Make You Laugh To Keep From Panicking

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After weeks of disgraceful ineptitude by our dumber-than-rocks President, we find ourselves deeply embroiled in a global Coronavirus pandemic that continues to ruin everything we love, shut down whole entire countries and fuel all sorts of sketchy shenanigans across the nation.

Yep, it’s bad–REALLY bad–and only getting worse with thousands of new cases a day and no real plan to slow down what appears to be the biggest (and deadliest) viral challenge of our lifetime.

But hey, at least we have Black Twitter to make things a smidge better in times of crisis with witty tweets, memes, videos and literally anything else that will make you cackle to keep from stressing all the way out.

Hit the flip for more hilarious Coronavirus tweets and memes to make you laugh to keep from panicking.

“Y’all need to start washing y’all hands a ________” – we trust you to get this without us having to explain. No, seriously, we believe in you.

“CORONA LE’SHAY DA’VIRUS!! GET YO ASS IN THIS MF HOUSE AND LEAVE THEM PEOPLE ALONE!” – ‘Rona been running wild for weeks and needs a good whoopin’

“Me when they cancel work and rent because of this CoronaVirus” – That would be us, too. All day, everyday, until probably June.

“This Walmart line long af, I’m about to cough” – right now, at this very moment, coughing is the new gun shot in public.

“she got her own mask
she got her own soap
two gloves, prayed up, she a clean broad”

There’s a relatable Webbie meme for everything. He be knowin’

“@iamcardib lettin’ y’all know sh!t real out here 😩. Y’all know I had to get ignant 😎🚀 • {BEAT/REMIXED BY ME‼️ – FULL SONG LINK’S IN MY BIO‼️” – THIS IS THE ‘RONA JAM WE ALL DESERVE.

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“NOOOO OUR GIRL” – she been gone, DEAD dead and it’s ONLY March.

“when the coronavirus tweets are funny but ur still lowkey kinda concerned” – realest tweet on Twitter right now.

“lmao “they won’t let me huuug you.


“cuzza da carona”

– Remember when Fantasia got into an argument with her brother on national TV and he called American Idol “Da Idol?” Yea, same thing.

“I’m the lady at the end.” – Us too. Us. Too.

“This girl kept sniffling & blowing her nose so I peek over & she goes “don’t worry girl, I just did coke” like oh okay thank you” – at least she was honest. So refreshing.

“Beyoncé’s Tips to Help you Slay during #Corona: (Bey like the queen…She Knowles best😷🐝 #tiktok)” – she’s soooo good at Beyoncé impressions it’s kinda scary. Like, really, really scary.

““how’s self quarantine going?” – cats will always be cats, no matter what. Gotta respect the consistency.

“Beyoncé as Lysol disinfectant sprays: A Thread” – just in case you didn’t know how severe boredom is getting across the locked down nation.


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