Everyone's LOSING IT In Corona Quarantine & It's Absolutely HILARIOUS

Everyone’s LOSING IT In Corona Quarantine & It’s Absolutely HILARIOUS

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Everyone’s steadily descending into madness with nowhere to go, nothing to do and liquor levels running dangerously low but at least, at this point, we know we’re in this corona catastrophe together.

In fact, there are millions of people (and celebs) going through pandemic pains and sharing them online for the whole entire world to see–and yes, they’re hilarious.

So hilarious and relatable, that we absolutely had to share them with you while we all cling to some sort of normalcy, binge eat delicious junk and preserve what’s left of all the toilet paper on Planet Earth.

Hit the flip for a collection of people absolutely LOSING IT in Coronavirus quarantine.

“Day seven of quarantine for Cardi B” – someone PLEASE check on Cardi (hourly)

“day 8 of quarantine: the ceiling is gonna make me act up” – us too, like, right now.

“Day 3 of quarantine” – this actually might catch on. It’s so much cheaper.

“day 4 of quarantine….. bout to risk it all” – sexiest ice cream flavor we’ve ever seen

“Day 4 of Quarantine. Wine has become my new favorite drink” – we don’t know how we’d get through this without wine

“Thanks LYSOL . Everybody be safe love y’all #LYSOLCHALLENGE” – it’s only been 5 days and Shaq is spraying himself with Lysol mist. HALP!

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“Never Too Careful” – a video of O.J. Simpson disinfecting money is the content we all needed to get through these uncertain times

“My 8 year old daughter just yelled “Oh no the toilet is smoking!!” My wife and I ran to the bathroom to find this. It’s just day 4 of home school.” – we’re a few days away from making our own smoking toilet

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“Day 4 of my quarantine: I am Will Ferrell in this commercial for celebrities” – we are Will Ferrell too.

“Will Ferrell looks like he’s been in quarantine for 16 years” – everyone’s either reached Will Ferrell or will be Will Ferrell by Monday

“Day 5 of Quarantine” – Young MA holding it together quite nicely, we see.

“I don’t care how ashy I get! I will keep washing my hands!! Y’all stay safe! Wash your hands!! And keep up the social distancing! Let’s help stop this thing! Wanted to make you laugh but Pray, Church, Pray!!” – we’d say it’s impossible to get this ashy but it clearly isn’t

“In about 3 more chips, I’m going to turn into a potato chip” – us too, sis. Us too.

“Quarantine day 7 schmood: losing it” – Cheeeeeeers!


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