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Last night’s uncomfortably weird, hilariously crackish, musically legendary R&Beat Battle between Sean “The Pen” Garrett and Radio Killa Terius “The-Dream” Nash was an unforgettable showcase of CLASSICS that attracted over 40,000 people to one of the dopest IG Live events since the last one.

Everybody and their mama–many of our celeb faves, tastemakers, rappers, singers, writers and personalities–flocked to the wildly dysfunctional spectacle where a seemingly drunk (and spicy) Sean Garrett (who needed a clutch call from Swizz Beatz to get serious) battled a calm, cool Dream for hours with mostly hits from the vast and iconic Queen Bey vault.

At this point, it’s safe to say these star-studded IG Lives are getting us through the stressful ‘Rona crisis while allowing us regular shmegulars into the same chats as A-listers for the first time EVER.

Peep the funniest (and pettiest) reactions to The-Dream & Sean Garrett’s legenedary R&Beat Battle on the flip.

“Y’all saying Sean Garrett won over The Dream when this sh*t alone is -30pts.” – we completely agree and people had the nerve to call it a tie

“Me checking to see if Sean Garrett is still making them faces..” – Sean’s creepy faces might haunt us forever

“Beyoncé the whole time Sean Garrett and The Dream were on live” – 80% of the classics they dropped were Beyoncé jams

“The Dream vs Sean Garrett on ig. But the REAL winner is @cthagod in the comments” – Charlamagne was out of control the entire time

At one point, things got so uncomfortably weird that people didn’t know if Sean was drunk, high, both or something else entirely.

“sorry but dream is still the real winner tonight for keeping his cool while sean garrett essentially licked the camera.” – FACTS. Dream was unbothered by Sean’s saucy shenanigans

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“*Beyoncé watching this Dream Vs Sean beef on IG*” – no doubt in our minds this is how she was

“Sean after Dream played that Bieber” – he really had an issue with Dream playing a white Pop artist during their R&B battle

“LMFAOOOOOO” – Sean had everyone either disgusted or completely befuddled by his shenanigans

“Beyoncé watching Sean and The Dream live snitching to Jay:” – we would pay a large sum of money to see her reaction to the battle

“Sean Garrett: *Drop* Jamie Foxx – “DJ Play This Girl A Love Song”

Everybody: 🔥🔥🔥

The Dream: *Plays* Beyoncé – “Dance For You”


– yep, at one point, it was a heavyweight slugfest

“Rick Ross randomly thinking bout Lemon Pepper in the middle of The Dream and Sean Garrett’s DJ sets on IG Live is hilarious dawg” – lemon pepper cravings are something serious

“I really think Sean Garrett is on a little bit of crack.” – just a TEENCH.

“”I just seen Dream, cleaning up his little rented cars”

Sean Garrett on IG Live already, and he maybe smacked.” – peak saucy Sean (who is absolutely hilarious)


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